By embaressed - United States
Today, I came home to find my drunken father sitting on our front lawn. He had a blanket, lit candle, and was singing with his eyes closed. He told me he believed he was Buddha from watching the history channel. Meanwhile, cars were driving by our house beeping, and yelling "praise the lord!" FML
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  RedPillSucks  |  31

@37 - While we were focused on Iraq and Afghanistan, Canada snuck down and stole Connecticut from the US. Their new battle cry is "Remember Bridgeport!"

  BeeHappy_fml  |  0

I am really confused here. how would your house be in such a central location so as to be harassed by a bunch of random people? and how would all these people even know what your dad is doing, much less have the audacity/care enough to yell or honk at you?
I call fake.