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Sounds like your dad might have been more than just drunk.


Do you want an award?

ur soo cool

dude, no one cares. hahahahah this FML Is awesome.

dude your dad is the shit!!!

Canadians lol.

FYL for living in such an intolerant neighbourhood

OP: YDI for spelling "embarrassed" wrong in your username.

Today I read a ridiculous fake fml..

16 , the guy is from conniticut...

^ talking about #1...

Yum ;P haha

woo Connecticut!

ohhhh okayyy what did he say anyways?

he said first.

sweet Jesus!!!

@37 - While we were focused on Iraq and Afghanistan, Canada snuck down and stole Connecticut from the US. Their new battle cry is "Remember Bridgeport!"

RedPill, congratulations! You win 1 (one) Internet for that comment.

I am really confused here. how would your house be in such a central location so as to be harassed by a bunch of random people? and how would all these people even know what your dad is doing, much less have the audacity/care enough to yell or honk at you? I call fake.

sounds like homer Simpson.

FYL for living in Connecticut.

Just don't let him watch Animal Planet! He is going to think he is some kind of bird, and he will try to fly.

congrats 1 lol & this made me Lol!!

is ur hair thin? it looks really nice :)

"Is your hair thin?" is now officially the worst come-on in the history of the English language. Congratulations.

haha I would love to see that for some reason : )

Sounds like your dad might have been more than just drunk.

he achieved enlightenment!

lol that's funny

hahaha this made me giggle :)

So? That's just funny! I would have laughed so hard if that had happened to me

Your picture makes you look like a terrorist. Just sayin.