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Today, I found my first bra and tried it on. It still fits. FML
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expertsmilee 26

Probably not the breast feeling in the world.

Hey, think of all the money you saved not having to buy all new ones! That's a plus, right? Those things are so stupidly expensive


expertsmilee 26

Probably not the breast feeling in the world.

OP if you or someone else with this problem reads this... STOP SLEEPING WITH YOUR BRA ON. They just don't growwww. Also try to sleep flat on your back. I sleep on my side and one boob is noticably bigger than the other. I can only imagine what would happen if you wore a bra all the time and slept on your belly. No growth at all in eight years most likely! Also diet, exercise and the amount of sleep you get, plays a part of it. I've also read birth control may make your boobs grow. Or if you/someone else massaged your boobs, it would help them grow tooo.

It's perfectly normal to have breasts of different size (most often the left one is bigger), I seriously doubt it has anything to with how you sleep.

I have slept with my bra on ever since I started wearing bras. I am a 32 D . I think your terminology is incorrect. I also sleep on my stomach.

My God #77, I've never heard anything like this. No woman has the same size breasts, often the left one is slightly bigger, some more noticeable than others. This is NOT due to you sleeping on your side, nor does sleeping on your belly with a bra stop them growing.

Also, no diet, exercise or amount of sleep will help your bust grow, it is simply hormones that controls it. I have no idea where you got your information from but it is not correct whatsoever.

If you eat healthy you not only feel amazing. Your hair grows, your skin gets better and you have tons of energy. On youtube people do chest exercises. The muscles under your boob fatt kind of firms. If you get enough sleep your body HEALS. Everything heals and gets better. So why not your boobs? Tons of people notice their boobs grow after being on birth control. It happened to mine. And for your information how you sleep does affect it a bit. My right boob used to be bigger than my left. Now that I've switched the side I sleep on, its the other way around. I'm only trying to give some advice. May not be the greatest but it worked for me.

Yes, if you eat healthy, it's better for your skin and body, I do not disagree with that. But it does not have any affect on your breasts, as that is hormones. Yes, you can exercise your pecs, you can build up your muscle but this is obvious it's not your breasts, and again, it does not have any affect on your breasts, as that is hormones. Sleeping heals? Why doesn't it heal breasts? Hmm for starters, it's not because you have small breasts that they need to be healed. Secondly, I don't understand what you mean by sleeping heals. Sleeping won't heal a broken leg for example. But again, it does not have any affect on your breasts, as that is hormones. Ah now birth control, that's a different thing, you breasts can get bigger depending on your pill, and do you know why birth control can make your bust bigger? Because that plays with your hormones. And for your sleeping positions, I honestly think that is just in your head, as there is also a very good chance you move in the night and don't even stay on your side. And even if you did stay on your side, it wouldn't make the slightest difference. Ask your doctor, he'll tell you the same thing.

I've slept on my stomach forever. 36DDD's. No effect there.

Smartdumbblonde 27

#77 Ever since I started wearing a bra I slept with it on and my boobs continued to grow, as well as sleeping on my back, side, and more recently, stomach. None of these sleeping positions affected the way my breast growth, especially with making one larger than the other. One boob is typically larger than the other anyways. Breast growth happens due to hormones, which is why birth control can make your boobs grow. For exercising, it's said that certain exercises can increase breast health, but there is no real evidence, just that the muscle underneath the breast will grow. Always put facts before beliefs, it helps a lot with these situations

the only thing sleeping on your side could possibly do is make your boobs sag more (not grow) do to gravity. but the effects would be soooo small it wouldn't be noticeable for several years/decades. so when you're 70 you might notice it slightly (or not)... until then, enjoy being delusional and whatever else floats your boat.

nope, none of that is true #77. Genetics determine your breast size. They will NOT get bigger as you age. The only time they will definitely get bigger (on their own) is from putting on weight. Some women's breasts do not increase in size after having babies, so even that isn't a guarantee. And massaging them - are you just a pervert offering your services?

I think you need to add some reading and brain exercises to that daily routine.

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At least they didn't shrink.

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The face on your profilepic matches that comment perfectly

MzZombicidal 36

At least you don't have to continuously deal with awkward bra fittings! :)

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I hate going bra shopping. I tend to avoid Victoria's Secret because of the pricing for 1 bra. So I often go to Target or Walmart but their selection is limited and their sizing is not the most accurate.

Yeah #37 when you sacrifice paying the price for a good bra, you'll often find yourself buying shitty ones from Walderp.

sweetnsourrr 11

Victoria Secret doesn't always have good bras, it really all depends on the bra. I sometimes buy my bras from there and I have to say that a couple of them destroy after wearing them a few times.

#3 After reading your comment I just realized, if OP'S old bra still fits she obviously knew cuz there would be no reason to get new sized bras if that one still fits. This should not be a surprise to OP

I buy the brand 'Smart and Sexy' (real clever, I know) from Walmart. I picked one up one day, not a style I'd normally wear, for a specific shirt and it was AMAZING. The fit is perfect and they last so long with proper care. 2+ years of almost everyday wear for my basics. After years of high price/low quality waste, I'm hooked. All my bras are now this brand, along with panties and a few bathing suits. As a 36DDD, a bathing suit with proper support is crucial but hard to find. They have a website and a I highly recommend them to anyone who complains of bad bras.

Hey, think of all the money you saved not having to buy all new ones! That's a plus, right? Those things are so stupidly expensive

but if its been 8 years, (username) why do u still have that bra? spring cleaning anyone?

katydid91 31

And unless you buy your bras in bulk, you can't find the same exact bra again. Or at least I can't.

Ikr like all the bras just kind of run away into their little void after the month passes at the local Target..... You feel me? And then later you try to find it online and then it's like AHA and then when it comes in the mail you see that THIS one has a different type of lace and you're like Ew, you imposter. And then you send it back to the void. The void is not a happy place, my friends.

Well you should, cause this bra is amazing. Come give it a quick squeeze.

katydid91 31

Must be the same void where all my missing socks go to.

AviKerensky 17

Lots of people like smaller chests. I'm one of them.

AviKerensky 17

Calm down about what? I know plenty of women who complain that their breasts are too small. My point is that many men don't care. Be happy with what you have.

You just said you prefer women with a smaller chest so you clearly do care.. next time say nothing, that'd prove your point :P

I really think this FML is more about the fact that there has been no growth whatsoever or physical change, not as much about attractiveness.

@18 that doesn't have to be bad small or average boobs are the most beautiful ones.

Why is 14 being downvoted? Saying small breasts are more beautiful is just as superficial as prefering large breasts. That's totally okay, everybody's got their preferences, but to say you don't care is a lie then.

Because the first comment or didn't say they were more beautiful, just that he preferred them. And it's pretty stupid to start harping about wording when it doesn't offend anyone, which he didn't. He's trying to encourage op.

I didn't mean to harp on anything, I was just stating my opinion because to me it sounds as if he prefers smaller boobs. And like I already said, that's totally okay. I'm perfectly fine with my DD cups and so should OP with her smaller ones!

Anything more than a handful's a waste.

86- S/he said s/he *likes* smaller breasts. That doesn't mean s/he doesn't also appreciate big ones

Not really, there are more things you can do with boobs than Touch/hold them. That being said its all personal preference. Plus this shouldn't be something people are ashamed of. If someone likes bigger breasts them good for them, simply how people are. But personally it doesn't make a difference to me, I can have fun with them either way :)

that should mean bra shopping is a cinch

At least you have less for gravity to pull down :) when you have a baby you'll know what I mean. mine went up two cup sizes to a DD. I miss my smaller ta-tas!

Did you not lose them afterwards? I'm 6 months pregnant and everyone's told me I'm going to lose them once I stop breast feeding. Am I stuck with these?!

Oh god I'm already a DD, can't imagine getting any bigger after having a kid T.T

Mine got big after I had kids. My youngest just turned 1 and my boobs are back to normal. He still nurses a little bit. But everyone's body is different (helpful, I know).

I feel ya girl! Too bad I can't get Double A's for grades instead....

OP never mentioned a diet. She was surprised it still fits after 8 years.

mustangfastb69x 12

She never said its been 8 years she never even said how long it's been