By Anonymous - 15/02/2015 17:57 - Denmark

Today, my roommate let out a blood-curdling scream in the bathroom. I ran in to see what was going on, only to find her sitting on the toilet, topless. Turned out she'd tried to pierce her own tit using a clothespin and a needle. FML
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How long has she had a drinking problem?

Who in their right mind does that?! Reading that made my own tits hurt. Geeze.


flashback.miss 28

was she drunk?!

My attention went far away from your comment and straight to your picture..

I pierced my ear just because I could.

but that's your ear not your tit!!

I've seen plenty of people attempt and fail horribly at piercings without being drunk. It's quite comical actually.

Search King Roche on YouTube!

It was cheaper than going somewhere tho so that's all that matters right?

#72 I don't think people appreciated the sarcasm of your comment. Better luck next time.

Drunk or not, that's way out of the line.

Is she stupid?!

Painfully stupid.

Special kind of stupid

Well... Did it work?

Please Sub to King Roche on YouTube

65, no one wants to go to your YouTube account, advertise elsewhere

I have no words..

#4 then you didn't need to comment

Well actually you had 4...

How long has she had a drinking problem?

tossaway2321 5

I'm thinking she takes things a lot worse than alcohol

Who in their right mind does that?! Reading that made my own tits hurt. Geeze.

I was curious and just finished watching a DIY video of a guy piercing his own nipple. He was shaking like crazy from the pain but it looks like he did a great job and took precautions to prevent infection.

PerditaDessa 38

I had one of mine done in the shop and the other I did at home. It doesn't hurt that badly. The biggest part of doing them at home is making sure everything is clean enough.

You probably have a high pain tolerance. I have a very low pain tolerance and fear infections. My piercings were all done at an APP certified shop. Kudos to you! I'm not that brave... ?

Honestly, risking am infection or damage if you place it badly, especially somewhere like a nipple seems very stupid to save probably 20 quid (or the Denmark equivalent)? I'm not sure how much piercings cost there.

Glad I'm not the only one who felt the pain reading this! So much could go wrong and its not even expensive or embarrassing to get a professional to do it :/

Talk about a titty situation! ? ?

KeannaLove 32

Definitely wasn't the breast.

Epickitty58 29

You're trying way too hard to make that work. Face facts-it never will.

#8 you took an already crappy pun and made it worse

I'm sorry everyone! I have brought great shame to my family!

You have brung the greatu DISHONOR on your famiry. You must commit seppuku.

No pun intended, #32?

The scream should have been the first clue this wast a good idea.

At least it's better than finding her in a seriously badge threatening state.

I'm pretty sure that piercing yourself while on the toilet breaks a majority of rules professionals have to follow.