By stillhungry - United States
Today, while driving across country, my car broke down while in the middle of nowhere. I had it towed to a mechanic in the nearest town. While he fixed the car, I went to get lunch. The only restaurant in town was an old-fashioned drive-up diner. They wouldn't serve me because I wasn't in a car. FML
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By  tWitt3rBuG  |  0

If you went on all fours and started making serious vroom noises, Maybe they wud've served ya! L0l, kidding. Major fail. Hope you went to a corner shop thereafter!

By  uneekfreak16  |  0

That sucks, man. Were there any convenience stores around at least where you could get a microwave burrito? They should have just welcomed the extra business, especially in this economy. A little off topic, but I always wanted to go into a drive thru in one of those Barbie cars...see if they actually serve me.

By  Jacobe_fml  |  0

This has happened to me before, sorta. When I was waiting for the harry potter book release with some friends, they sent me to get food and they held my place in line. I went to Arbies and only the drive-thru was open, but they wouldn't let me get anything becuase I wasn't in my car, so I had to walk back to the Barnes and Noble, get the car, and come back to get my food.

So yeah all that say that this could actually happen.

By  YDIoveragain  |  4

I will bitch the shit out of them and not move till they let me order my food. Drive-thru is for lazy people that dont' want to get out the car. But If the store is not open I buy at the drive-thru dont' see why they wont' let you. They make money why would they care. I try that before and they let me.