By Single Again


Today, my best friend called me to cancel our mall plans. I could hear that she was watching a movie in the background. I then called my boyfriend to see if he was busy, and I could hear the same movie in the background. FML
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By  P DarklyKira  |  14

although it sounds quite impossible maybe they are watching the same movie(at different places). try finding out what is really happening. but if your boyfriend is really cheating you best leave his and your bff ass. you would be better off without them


So think about it this way. For both phones to pick up the sound the volume would have to be a certain level based on a certain distance away from the tv. Even if it was just a coincidence for the same movie to be playing (statistically possible but unlikely), phones tend to ignore background noise under a certain sound bar and distance away. So the fact that both people were also in the same spacing of a tv makes that coincidence smaller, likely sitting next to one another on a couch. Because while TVs have a certain amount of channels in the hundreds, every room, chair, tv distance & volume option is vast which limits it.

So coincidences can and do exist, but it’s safe to assume this isn’t one.