By Jennagirl - 12/10/2009 14:03 - Australia

Today, after spending the night at my boyfriend's house, I was heading out the door when he called me back to hand me something I had left at his house a while ago. It was one of my bras. It wasn't until I got home I noticed the cup size was a B. I'm a size D. FML
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If it was a while ago then maybe it's from his previous girlfriend. Could be that it was under his bed or somewhere else and he had just recently found it. Or maybe he's trying to get you to break up with him. *shrugs* Pick your favorite explanation.

Love how you ever so casually managed to put in your bra cup size there


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the OP is probably fat and her boyfriend cheated on her with a thinner girl. real men don't love obesity, sorry.

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I think she's saying that she was a B when she left it and now she's a D

dear dumb ****, breast size is not strictly correlated to being obese or overweight. she could have a perfectly gorgeous body and have b's or d's. and OP- it might have been that it was one of his ex's bras, especcially if it was a while ago. confront him face to face about it. that will be the easiest way to tell if he is lying to you. And he is an idiot for not knowing the difference. but if he were cheating on you, he might have been more careful to check in the first place...

#17's right. Who the **** are you to make assumptions #15? God people like you irritate me -_- A real man can handle a lot more woman than you can apparently. That sucks though OP, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions. Just ask him about it...

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And real men aren't shallow self obsessed pricks either. Cup size has nothing to do with weight or a predictor of weight as much as band size is.

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#17, you're so right! I'm naturally an E cup and I'm 5'7" and 149 lbs. I used to weigh much more than that and I was still an E. With me, it hasn't changed despite losing 43 lbs.

#48 Not always the case. I'm stick skinny but I wear size D cups and I have a butt...

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yeah I agree. there's more to it than just weight, like genetics and body distribution. I have an hourglass shape so I guess that would qualify me as curvy or whatever, so I have boobs, a butt, and hips, but my waist is like 8 inches smaller than my hips, and my hips and bust are the same size, and I have a very flat stomach.

Her Fairy Godmother paid her a visit when she noticed her bf wasn't satisfied.

****! it replied to the wrong ******* comment >:-(

i lost a bunch of weight and my boobs actually got bigger. i was a B in 9th grade then i lost like 25 pounds and now i'm a 34DD. my waist is like 10 inches smaller than my hips it actually freaks me out a little. but i'm 5ft 4' and weigh like 120 pounds. You don't have to be overweight to have boobs, hips and a butt. If you seriously make that assumption, you have noo idea what you're missing in the world.

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Small boobs are waaaay hotter than big boobs, no matter what anyone else says

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Not only are you mean and rude, the only reason you say that is probably because you only get flat-chested women to look at you and you need something to tell yourself to make yourself feel better. Oh boo hoo, grow up little boy. Oh and also I got DOUBLE D's and yet I'm not obese. So get it right.

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So basically you're trying to show off your knowledge of why breast sizes are what they are, but honestly everyone knows you just looked it up quickly on Wikipedia to try to look like a genius.

And you're the reason this country is going to shit. You're just retarded aren't you? You don't need to be obese to have big breasts. Cheating is never acceptable. You're ******* retarded. Get a life and go **** yourself.

Yes #48, we all understand what breasts are, and didnt need your wikipedia definition to clarify for us. Although you have a point, exceptions to the rule are way too common. There is no way to conclusively tell whether a woman is underweight or overweight bc of her breast cup size, so no assumptions (especially rude ones) should be made on the message board about the OP's weight.

why does she have to be fat? Can't a girl have Ds and be healthy or skinny, whatever the hell you want to call it?

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#38 FTW haha seriously 15 dont make assumptions because YOU COULD BE WRRRROOONNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! a D size?? Id hit that instead of B anyday :D just thinking of throwing a compliment for the OP there!

Check out all the fat ass chicks defending themselves lol

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haha, I was thinking the same thing.

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that's really great, you know that? -_-

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ok i wear a 34 DD and im only 125 lbs.. so no honey you dont have to be fat to have big boobs.. maybe you should stop being so narrow minded.. i have never been big and i have always had a large chest..

to # 15 I am NOT fat and I got double Ds so you're a loser!

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Double D's Always Make My 8===D Do This 8======D

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real men are ignorant, like you

If it was a while ago then maybe it's from his previous girlfriend. Could be that it was under his bed or somewhere else and he had just recently found it. Or maybe he's trying to get you to break up with him. *shrugs* Pick your favorite explanation.

That would appear to be the obvious explanation. But I'm giving him a little lee-way, considering the OP says "a while ago".

I believe that when she said a while ago, she meant in that day. Not like a while ago last year.

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She definitely did not mean "that day"... I was thinking a couple weeks to a couple months. I'd ask before making any rash decisions. Also, I do not understand how one leaves a bra or (from previous FMLs) a thong at their boyfriends house. Do they just drive home without it on? Do they not feel the difference...? I could imagine leaving a jacket or phone at my boyfriend’s house but not a bra.

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Well, changing underwear every day is basic hygiene. So I'd assume she brought a change of clothes. Or she goes commando occasionally; it's not unheard of.

Not necessarily. There have been lots of times where I've spent the night at a boyfriend's place and not brought a change of clothes. I always had class or work the next morning so I would change after I got back to my place and had showered. && I'm thinking the same as a lot of the girls on here. How do you leave without your bra on?

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Ahh, missed the "spending the night" part. Then its understandable, with the change of clothes :)

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I wonder if she is this woman.

o.o; That is impressive, woman or not. Damn, that is pretty cool, but disturbing at the same time...

That seems as though it would be painful, like a sadistic mammogram or something (or masochistic in her case, but no one gives mammograms to themself). :/

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Ow... how does that not hurt her? O.o Scaaaarrryyyy....

Why are boys so retarded when it comes to covering up their bull? LOL. I think CLEARLY a B cup bra would be extremely smaller than the D could he not tell it wasn't yours? -facepalm-

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That's what I'm sayinnn!! B cup compared to D cup and you notice this when you get home??? Retarddd

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How does one not notice the cup size difference between a B and a D in the first place? I'd never mistake a C for one of my DD's O.o

Love how you ever so casually managed to put in your bra cup size there

#12, lol I was wondering how many females (or males o.O) were going to discuss how overly endow they are in the bust region, or mention their bust size in general. So far I got one on the list.

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hahahahha seriously. Her measurements are probably 36-46-50

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Just felt like I needed a frame of reference for the statement to make sense. But seriously, just go to a store and compare bra's two sizes bigger than each other and you'll find some pretty noticeable differences.

Littlexlion, you're going to get very overwhelmed with that game. XD So far, 98% of the posts I've read were girls "casually" slipping in their cup size to "defend the OP from fat remarks". Though I refuse to believe that every girl here has triple E cup sizes, despite the many claims, and it's actually pretty sad if they're making up fake measurements online. :/

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exactly. if you're used to your bra size, anything considerably bigger or smaller (not to mention design and whatnot) will be obvious. And if she's not used to her bra size (say the ladies grew recently) then it's probably hers from a while ago. Maybe her bf handed it to her in a bag??

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I honestly do have DD's and I am never ashamed to tell people or show them off. It's natural. Also, the reason why you see all the girls claiming they have large breasts is because the flat-chested women will not be quick to brag about their A cups. Common sense, WitchCraft.

You feel the need to post this as a reply AND message me about it? Really, I honestly don't care, so there's really no point in trying so hard to catch my attention. Again, I don't care about your bra size, so no need to reassure me of it.

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I'm an A-cup. And you don't see me hiding it or lying about it. I don't see any reason why a girl should "brag" if they have D's either. It's all about the whole package. If the rest of the body doesn't match the boobs, it doesn't matter how big (or little) they are. My A's fit my body. I'm a tad on the shorter side and come from a very petite family. Do I wish I had bigger boobs? Not a chance. I'm perfectly fine with my A's, thank you very much. :)

lol, you made me laugh Witchcraft. Yeah, I decided to leave the website for a couple of hours, and then come back and tally up the scores. I recorded about 12 people commenting about their bust size, give or take 2. I didn't really scrutinize the comments. Frankly, I don't really care if people flaunt off their chest size, I just find it amusing. :D

Lem0n's got it. As long it fits and you're happy with the way you are, who cares? Agreed, Littlexlion. XD I decided not to count because I figured I might lose track. It is amusing though, especially when their measurements are irrelevant to the point of their post. :D

OP could wear a 34D and the mystery bra could have been a 38B, in which case the cups would technically be the same size, and it wouldn't be all that difficult to mix them up. Funny how a lot of women don't really seem to know much about how bra sizing actually works.

Well, apparently the majority of women wear the wrong bra size. The numbers range from 80-90%.

so anyway, i was going to use this as an opportunity to boast about my e-cups, but...i wont. hehe see what i did there?

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The cup sizes wouldn't be a d is twice as big as a b. Also, increasing the band size doesn't change the cup size.

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Sexy, perky, petite A cups FTW STOP THE BOOB DISCRIMMINATION I reckon that the people who would put down small boobs are most likely: 1. fat, insecure girls 2. ignorant loser types of guys- probably single or have self esteem issues and need to use their gfs boob size as a boost to their shallow ego 3. insecure people in general Funny how girls with big boobs are quick to brag about it and put down 'flat-chested' A cups, when you don't get many slim girls being quick to brag about being sexy and slim with a lovely flat stomach and call people fat.....

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They would look similar until OP examined the cup size, which she probably wouldn't do until she got home, as in this FML. If you go up a cup size and down a band size, it's basically the same size, just extra room for boobs. Vice versa, smaller cup/bigger band size - more room for your body. Learn bras before comment.

I know this is from a while a go, but franfran... You couldn't be more wrong. I am an A cup and proud to be.

Well here's some good news: your a size D

maybe your boobs grew since you left it there. or do you have a younger sister? not for the fml, for me, if you have D's she most likely has a promising future ahead of her ;)

Yeah, I'm sure a younger sister would be spending the night at her boyfriends house....|: OP: It was probably an old girlfriends. After all, you did say "from a while ago".

Previous girlfriend? You did say it was from "a long time ago." Could've been an honest mistake.

So you're a size D? And you're soon to be single, eh?

hell yeah man i was thinking the same thing. this guy must be a total idiot to drop the D and go B. what a waste. feel free to come by High Point NC anytime :D

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you never know, maybe the d cup girl is ugly as hell while the b cup girl is really pretty

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