By RBHSWedgieGirl - United States
Today, while walking across campus, I stopped to look at my reflection in a window. I straightened my bra straps and then turned to the side to dig a wedgie out. It wasn't until I heard peals of laughter that I realized I couldn't see IN the classroom, but they could see OUT. FML
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By  jibz  |  6

YDI. There wouldn't be random mirrors on the sides of buildings on a college campus. Also, did you really need a mirror to pick a wedgie and adjust your bra?

  meeps114  |  6

If she was uncomfortable, (which a wedgie would be, and she probably adjusted her bra because it was uncomfortable too) it would have been necessary. Not life or death, but she didn't think anyone could see her.

  mnkilla  |  0


By  brelinxboo  |  0

FYL but yeah, YDI kind of. save wedgie picking for bathroom stalls anyway. I mean,even if they couldn't see out, you picked a wedgie on the sidewalk? Seriously classy right there.