By maryfaithh - 27/01/2012 16:30 - United States

Today, I tried to open a can with a potato peeler. For a minute I forgot what a can opener looked like. FML
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You dumbass! The potato peeler is for mixing things, and the can opener is for slicing pizza. You're supposed to use the microwave to open cans. Everyone knows that.


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Michael_92 20
Michael_92 20

That was directed towards 1 just fyi people!

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perdix 29

Well done! Very rarely does a "first" nail it like that. You're quick, and in commenting, that's a good thing.

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Hey look everybody tourettes guy is off his meds again

Jakesterk96 8

I've heard people talking about the difference between ice-cream scoopers and mashed potato scoopers, but this is just crazy.

I see what you did there, very canny. (lame pun intended.)

17- Is it me or do you seem to be the new local dumbass? All i see is a 'buried' icon next to your name whenever you comment, followed by various levels of negativity toward you.

#109 - Oh hell no!! Someone has stolen my old rank? FML

haha it has finally happened, gayboii is a thing of the past and a new gayboii is born, tourettesguyftw. He has proven himself worthy for this position of great dishonor.

The amount of puns in this comment feed is just too damn high!

CockAsian 14

She's from Tennessee. We don't even know what a can opener is. I'm surprised she even knows what a potato peeler is. Mind = Blown

Your picture is.... Different... From most O.o

And just how long were you using the potato peeler before you realized you were doing it wrong?

How dose one forget what a can opener looks like

How does one forget how to spell does? I know it's probably a typo but I can't help correcting things like this.

Eh I just woke up and my phone likes to spell things in the strangest ways sometimes

That was a shit excuse. But still, stop, Hammer time!

GoW_Chick 14

I thought it was a legit excuse, happened to me before, better then some who say things like "my friend stole the phone," or some dumbass thing like that.

You dumbass! The potato peeler is for mixing things, and the can opener is for slicing pizza. You're supposed to use the microwave to open cans. Everyone knows that.

TheDrifter 23

Works amazingly and gives your food a unique signature flavour too.

coletrain11 5

You know it's going to be a unique taste because we are using the fancier spelling of flavor.

TheDrifter 23

Not fancier, just Canadian. Taste is so important to us that we add an extra letter to "flavor".

flockz 19

stick your metal fork in a power outlet too! it makes the food shock your senses.

tattooedcowboy 6
Klima_fml 29

I've been doing it wrong my whole life?!?

Sorry the question marks where meant to be the embarrassed emoji face..

Michael_92 20

It's okay. It's fml it's not like people constantly start fights over grammar or proper usage of faces lol

Lucky you pointed that out. I was going to answer your question....

Please tell me you were under the influence of something and this isn't just plain stupidity

Michael_92 20

I'm guessing it's one of them moments. I'm sure you have had one of them wtf moments before. I know I have! haha

I call them "brain farts." Sometimes you can even hear the intelligence bursting out with a loud "Phthbbbbbbbbt!" sound.

CockAsian 14

Nope. She's just that stupid.

blackstar994 5
Snafuusmc 12

Let me guess when you also go up the stairs you think there's one more step and there isn't and it ends up making you look like a fool? It happens to all of us....

ShroomsOnAcid 16

The FML and your comment reminded me of George Carlin's routine about those brain farts we all experience at some point. They really do bring us together like nothing else.

I didn't know that was started by Carlin. Makes sense as to why my family uses the term. I love that man.