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Today, I had to make a doctor's appointment for my daughter. Apparently she thought it would be better to wipe herself with Clorox tough scrub disinfecting wipes than tell me she'd caught an STD. FML
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I can't even imagine how painful that would be... Dear god...

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Bleach kills everything right? No? Oh...


I can't even imagine how painful that would be... Dear god...

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#28 There are treatments for STD's. But there is no cure for /that/ level of stupidity.

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It is that stupidity that caught her than STD. Condoms aren't very expensive.

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Or there's always the option of having sex with someone you can actually trust not to have an STD

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Whaat? No, that would make too much sense. Our generation doesn't make responsible decisions. Fsh.

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Seems like OP forgot to have "the talk" with a certain someone.

Just because someone gets an STD doesn't mean they're stupid!

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#138- True, shit happens, mistakes are made by smart people too. But you missed the point... she used a Clorox wipe on her fun zone! That's why people are calling her stupid!

That is true, using clorox on your ****** is extremely stupid

62, So that narrows it down to ...eternal virginity. You can never trust anyone completely to not have an STI. Even a virgin could be carrying something they aren't aware of, and even people you think you know inside and out could be lying to your face. Only imbeciles judge those who get STI's. Oh, I mean, social stigma and puritan nonsense ftw! Right guys?

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166, Yes, you can still have an STD even if you are a virgin.

#166, you can get herpes from oral sex and crabs can travel without intercourse. so ya theres two examples.

Oops, I read it as she'd scrubbed herself to make it look like she had an STD

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Dude what's a sti ? Beside a diesel motor in a Volkswagen

169, they can be transmitted by birth too

how can any human being possibly think that using a clorox wipe on their ****** could possibly cure a STD? This is why irresponsible children should not have sex.

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I velived she told her parent that she wiped her privates with clorox to get to the doctors in the first place, THEN she found out about the std

138, all your comments I see are voted down, maybe you should stop.

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Oh that poor child. Sick AND stupid. Must have been a buy one get one free on negative traits.

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It could have been due to a shitty or nonexistent sex education at school. Parents should definitely take most of the responsibility for informing their children about STDs, but a crappy school program could give them a false sense of security, as they could assume their children are learning everything they need to know there. Then again, sometimes kids do things that catch you by surprise before you realize just how fast they've grown up.

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Or she was just scared to tell her mom/dad..

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I agree completely with our shit sex education. All they say is to wait until marriage, and only 5% of America actually does that. (not made up stats, google it.)

I'm worried about her daughter have sex. She is an idiot if she gets pregnant that kid is so ******

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#35- that's what they did at my school every time we had sex ed. Our school system made us have 2 days of sexual education talk in 8th-10th grade. It was the same woman every single time and her exact words were "sex is great! But waiting till marriage is even more great!" It was kinda funny in 10th grade because one of the girls in the class was pregnant. It was pretty funny, and a little ironic!

I've only heard bad things about sex ed in the US... Is it really that bad? I mean, here in Argentina (at least in my school) they taught us all about STDs, symptoms and how to prevent them, methods of prevention in general, the risks of unprotected sex, etc. The teachers were also very open-minded and would answer every question we might have, and we were actually able to feel comfortable around them. I have studied male and female anatomy (reproductive system) and how it worked since I was around 10. All in all, we've been taught that it is ok to have sex, as long as you're responsible, have chosen the right person (so that you can get only the best from such "unforgettable experience"), and are sure you are not making a decision you are going to regret later, regardless of age (Being too young is still looked down upon, though, because at 13, for example, you still don't really know what you want in most cases, and we've been taught that too). From what I've read and heard, sex in the US is more about God, sacred marriage and being a legal adult, rather than it being something natural, that the human needs to stay healthy. I also feel that people in general is scared of facing it and talking about it with teens and preteens, and I don't understand why. I might be wrong, though, but that's how I feel. I'd like someone to reply, please...

I'm sorry to break your positive image of us, but I have rarely met somebody who actually cares about the teachings of God. Maybe I'm meeting the wrong people? Our schools don't really care about sex education around here, which doesn't really help prevent all the dropouts they get from pregnant teens.

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179- Summary of US sex ed: Don't have sex. If you do, condom. Also, wait until marriage. Terrible.

Ever seen Mean Girls? That sex ed scene? It's basically that

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Wow Our generation must not be the smartest Tryin to scrub away std's and all

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If your old enough you should know that they don't just go away >.>

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Oh shit, that doesn't work? I guess I have like three STDs then.

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You're just catching on to that? It would be nice for idiocy to be a little less prevalent, but somehow a generation full of evil geniuses doesn't sound less problematic either.

I agree with 8 plus if she has her mom making the doctors appointment for her she's prob still too young

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STD is a sexually transmitted disease. STI is a sexually transmitted infection. sometimes the infections can go away…sometimes the disease can be treated. but not the herp. herpes is for life.

Anyone in the medical field makes no distinction between STI and STD. The terms are equivalent.

She may have been hoping to scrub away symptoms or bacteria, hoping the doc wouldn't notice, with no long term thought on what to do about the disease. Kids do stupid things sometimes.

I'm lovin the Guhr to Guhr comments on this stream!! :D

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Bleach kills everything right? No? Oh...

Your comment was hilarious, I just have a big thumb :/ sorry for the thumbs down!

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16, I like the way you think. Can't have warts on your genitals if you don't have genitals anymore, right?

16-20: that's the spirit! Innovation like that is what makes Human beings so damn awesome.

That's probably what the parents are thinking: "time to weld this thing up!". Now, that's a horror movie in the making...

I just have to point out, for no good reason I might add, that most types of welding use an electrical current to make the weld, not fire.

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20- I just choked laughing at your comment! Still, one does wonder if op's daughter was thinking along those lines. Who needs penicillin when you have concentrated bleach right?

I'm so tired of hearing "captain obvious" way over used.

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I want to meet this "Captain Obvious" one day.


Clearly you did a great job of educating your daughter about safe sex and general hygiene. Bad Parenting FTL

Most kids also dont like to listen. so it goes both ways. not saying it wasnt the parents fault. It Is. its just not totally the parents fault.

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She likely knows, but was too emberassed by the list of people she could have gotten it from to tell her parents she'd caught something so she tried self medicating first.

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She was self medicating with Clorox wipes so clearly was misinformed (if informed at all) and just completely oblivious to the negitive effects it would have on a very sensitive part of the body. If she was well educated about her own body and cleaning products then she should have known Clorox wipes won't work and would just give her a infection. I highly suggest her mom give her the "talk" again cause she wasn't quite thorough enough on the female body and and every day used items.

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this doesn't have anything To do with what her mom taught her. most teens and kids ate stupid and do things their own way. they dont listen to parents. they think nothing will happen to them

Im glad you said "most" because I was going to be resentful of that, most teenagers believe that in order to go anywhere in life you have to have sexual intercourse first. Could anyone tell me if it is a bad thing that I am almost 17 and still have not? I like to think that I am still waiting for the right girl.....

118, waiting is good, I waited until I was 27

118- There's no rush in losing your virginity, its just bragging rights for guys insecure enough that they want people to think they're "the man" because had sex at an early age. I was fooling around a lot when I was younger but I decided to wait until college before I went "all the way." For me, I didn't want to be "that guy" that "stole" some young naive girl's innocence as I had that impression drilled into me early on. (I'm not saying the logic was sound or even made sense, it was just the though I had way back when.) So to answer your question, being a virgin at 16 doesn't mean anything whatsoever. Your body doesn't know any difference from one ****** to the next so as far as it's concerned, you became sexually active the first time you masturbated, lol! ;) So no worries, it'll happen when it happens if and when you let it. You haven't missed some irreplaceable experience or opportunity and there's nothing wrong with you for it. Cheers! :)

^ I really should have proof read my last post, it looks like it was edited by a blind igit. :p *It's not its, thought not though, because THEY had sex, etc. Horrible. :p

Now the question is, exactly how old is your daughter?

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you have to round it up to the nearest significant figure shroom !!! it's comments like these, that make me feel better about my job which involves cleaning up after mice :)


They are all significant digits

oh... well this is embarrassing. I hope no one ridicules me because of this slip up ;)

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Thats sad that she finds it hard to talk to youu!

Just imagining that makes me cringe .... ah goodness! No offense to you sir, but that is a VERY dumb thing to do. Why didn't she try to use a lot of soap in the shower or something?


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I think maybe he meant try using lots of soap instead of clorox wipes? Like if you think you can clean off an STD- what would make you use clorox wipes? Personally, I say the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is your best bet. Or, you know, the doctor.

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lol now we see that ops daughter isn't the most retarded after all, at least she realized stds are resistant to soap, and attempted bleach, granted, she still has the STD and is now missing a layer or two of skin...