By O.o - 20/02/2011 08:15 - Australia

Today, while trying on bras in the changing room, I wanted to see what my friend's bra looked like on her. Not wishing to leave my changing room in my underwear, I wriggled under her door. When I got through, my bra had come nearly all the way down and when I tried getting back, I got stuck. FML
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you couldn't have put a jacket on or something?

And that is when you heard a deep voice behind you say "party time!"


you couldn't have put a jacket on or something?

you coulda threw your shirt on something?

Judging purely on FMLs everyone from Australia seems retarded, it's obviously not true just saying WTF?

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Even though there's nothing wrong with being lesbian, I still say OP derserves it for being a perv.

Wow, where'd you find that picture of a waffle? I'm gonna search Google for it.

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Do not Google " blue waffle. "

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shit I googled "blue waffle" cuz someone said not to and yeh I really shouldn't have....

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You couldn't of just quickly put on a shirt? h

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God dammit, people are so ******* ignorant. IT'S COULD'VE, NOT COULD OF.

Couldn't've? Couldn't have. Could not have.

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#6 do you even know what the **** a prude is?

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so does someone wanna tell me what a prude is

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No, I'm saying there's anything wrong with her being a lesbian, if she is. But why in the hell would she look at her friend? That's the type of stuff you do with your BEST friend. Oh, AND YDI OP. For being a Peeping Tom.

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She didn't really need to specify if her friend was a "best" friend. She obviously felt that she was comfortable enough to do what she did, so why would that even matter? However, she still could of had the decency to put a shirt on.

lol me and my friends always do that! lol were not lesbians, we just know eachother well enough for it not to be awkward

And that is when you heard a deep voice behind you say "party time!"

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hahaha and then she looked up and saw party time

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YDI for having a grammar fail in the first sentence.

i remember when catching grammatical mistakes and correcting them made me all giddy. ah the joys of being 12. btw i saw no mistake =/

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I agree with everyone below me. Why would you do that? Put a shirt on. And by the way, shouldn't it be "bras" not "bra's"? Correct me if I'm wrong.

It said "bra's", but the mistake was fixed by the mods.