By O.o - Australia
Today, while trying on bras in the changing room, I wanted to see what my friend's bra looked like on her. Not wishing to leave my changing room in my underwear, I wriggled under her door. When I got through, my bra had come nearly all the way down and when I tried getting back, I got stuck. FML
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By  Atishuh  |  0

No, I'm saying there's anything wrong with her being a lesbian, if she is. But why in the hell would she look at her friend? That's the type of stuff you do with your BEST friend. Oh, AND YDI OP. For being a Peeping Tom.


She didn't really need to specify if her friend was a "best" friend. She obviously felt that she was comfortable enough to do what she did, so why would that even matter? However, she still could of had the decency to put a shirt on.