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Today, my brother thought it would be hilarious to take a pair of scissors to all my bras. My mom can't take me shopping for another three days and I have no one to borrow a bra from. I have school. FML
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surely you were wearing one at the time?

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The boys will be ecstatic. :]


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wanna borrow my man bras? ;)

so u have big enough boobs to wear a bra? cause that's what it sounds like, jackass

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it was pretty clear thats what I meant... and please don't call me jackass. thanks

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so you call this a free country, tell me why it costs so much to live.

Yep, the Internet is a free country, of course.

idk I don't pay taxes, I still live with my parents

skaterpaige 3

Kay is talking to you jupiter. and Kay, ***** mouth is a totally new concept, what does it consist of?

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ooooh lemme get my popcorn :D I bet money on Kay!

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I would be careful of KaySL, she used to make me eat glass.

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yea but this is fun to watch(:

59- woah, first of all calm down and stop yelling at a kid under 18! I am only speaking my mind, isn't that what they encourage kids to do? and hey sorry didn't know sirin (or however u spell it) was a monitor, ok?

FFML_314 11

OMG! Don't yell at the young one. You're an idiot, Jupiter.

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nicola- who are YOU talking to? o.O

Jupiter,If you're under 18 then maybe you shouldn't go around calling people jackasses and acting like you're tough shit. If you want respect treat others with respect and never expect special treatment because you're a teenybopper.

74- woah woah calm down, seriously I not trying to draw a crowd and get attention like u r

76- I have said way worse than jackass, and has many other kids in this site, so don't just pick on me

FFML_314 11

I've always found that 'Y' and "T" draw the most attention.

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perdix is HILARIOUS. I agree Kay.

69-people under 18 get yelled at all the time... lots of people are under 18. >.<

Wow, you can swear? That's so impressive...

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U has nothing to do with this.

ok can we all just calm down, we r fighting on the Internet ffs I made a mistake and I have learned from it, let's just stop pls

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53- perhaps ;) and to everyone else, thanks for having a huge argument on my post

Look out guys he's said way worse than jackass. I better cover my virgin eyes

Shrike, I'm sorry if I somehow offended you. I was reffwring to Jupiters coment "I have said way worse than jackass" because he missed my point, which was that people are ganging up on him for a reason. I hope you understand now :)

what do we not understand about, stop?

Jupiter please go to your time out chair for using naughty language. also you can't call it a free country until you've seen what it takes to keep it that way sincerely SGT. McColl

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lets keep tgumbing down that jupiter retard :D

great, I am getting cyber bullied, thanks guys..

110 - This is FML, so there is no stop until a moderator says so. Any idiots, (like you) who are seen commenting on an FML will be metaphorically beat into the ground with a very large "stick" known as KaySL. You fanned the fire, now deal with the consequences. Oh, by the way, grow up before you try commenting on here again.

hey I have learned from my mistakes that's why I want it to stop, cause now a bunch of random ppl r cyber bullying me, ok?

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arguing over the Internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win your still a retard.

154- now that's really mean, what if u had a disability? u wouldnt want ppl calling u a retard now would u?

If I see another whining comment about cyber-bullying, I'm going to show everyone what cyber-bullying really is, then follow it up with a golf club over the back of the commenter's head. Try baking a cake and singing Kumbaya or something instead.

If you start showing some respect, then people will leave you alone. My advice? Stop commenting on this specific thread and try again some other time, albeit more respectfully.

well 152, as 110 said, you started it, trying to act all tough so you'll deal with it now! oh and when you do eventually grow up, you'll realise it's not a free country, they're called taxes!

ok, I get it, I'm young and we make mistakes I regret it and u don't have to tell me, but doesn't mean u have to cyber bully me ok?

161- maybe you should just stop talking. yeah..... sounds good to me. :)

#161 Haven't you heard trolls will be shot an fed to the dogs.

wow.. you deleted his comment. way to make me look dumb sirin :D. (y) high five xP

haha wow. way ta be sirin. deletes his comment, now I look dumb :D (y)

want it to stop turn off your computer

shit sirin got to him/her "ehem"it first

Yeah, why'd you delete my comment, Sirin? I was giving her advice, and pretty useful advice for that matter. Also, I have another question for you. Do you actually spend all day long moderating? If so, I applaud you for not having gone insane yet.

if ya think about it, everyone is a troll at some point

170- but it would still be there and ppl would still be cyber bullying me don't delete this comment

easy solution---cami and or sweatshirt???

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I bet the guys at op's school is thanking her brother so much right now

157- u just dot wanna see this site get a bad rap

danm chill he didnt call u a jackass so mind ur own shit

Damn, I just had two comments deleted and my question ignored... so alone.. *sniff*

Oh. I don't have to worry about losing what I don't have. :-)

they just don't want this site to get a bad rap, well I have a few tricks up my sleeve muhahaha :P

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it's funny how most people on FML think they need to kiss KaySL's virtual ass to feel like they're saying something important. I see this in nearly every comment section. hop off his/ her sac people...

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All of this arguing because of some bras. Unbelievable.

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sirin may be a moderator but she's pretty funny lmao

Anyone else think Jupiter is a *****? I do. With his false logic and "tehe I made a funny" humor. Go back to school dude, come back when your intelligence level is a little higher.

freerun4life97 0

btw Jupiter...what happened to not going on this site anymore, huh?

I encourage you to go play Nintendo Jup. You're obviously not ready to run with the big dogs. Stay off the ******* porch.

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OP, you can always wear a pull over shirt or something loose =]

i believe this is called the snowball effect?

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LittleMonsterSam 5
LittleMonsterSam 5
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"if you're not ready to run with the big dogs, stay on the porch puppy" lol

Jupiter please stfu don't try and start something if you are younger then 18 I'm sure that some pissed guy could kill you with one hand stop trying to be tough cause you aren't don't try to be funny you're lame if you gabby noticed all your comments have over 20 thumbs down, usually that's a hint to stfu.. sorry if I offend you but you are really being stupid right now.

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jupitor is now the person I look up to!

littlemissFYL 5
Idonebeenhad 17

until reading 106 I had forgotten all about the FML, way to be legit 106 haha

Jupiter, we all understand what 'stop' means. We also understand what 'sorry' means - Try that one.

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tweetbaby14 18

194, 157's comment has nothing to do with you having your entire body shoved into KaySL's ass, you don't even know them. next time you try to come at me think of something better than shut up and name calling, thanks.

I think he's supposed to stay on the porch, if he can't run with the big dogs? and... jupiter, you got owned. just sayin'.

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bras they make people argue and fight honestly people guys need bras too you know it hurts when your running and you have extra jiggle ^.^ plus men with bras are sexy ;D

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LOL I just noticed mostly all of the comments that are hidden are jupiters, all of his comments are hidden I think you need to quit.

heyygirl14 2

yeah but you're the one that keeps dragging it on. look at all of the comments you've put on here, NO ONE THINKS YOU ARE COOL. you're done.

Jupiter stop whining Kay was actually nice to you. ive seen much worse. you got off lucky.

Randuhh_17 4

you wanna know why?...cause Obama sucks ass! Vote for Donald Trumph!:D

#1 don't tell me you in US got to the point where men wear bras (do you still call them "men"). For me seeing a guy with a purse (he carried it for himself, not the lady) was really enough...

i feel bad for op... i bet this is not what she thought was going to be talked about on the comments :/ ... btw jupiter if you think your all big and bad then how come you cant come up with one comments that doesnt get thumbed down 30 times? this just proves alot of peoples points that you made a real ass out of yourself in 2 comments... bravo ass wipe... *claps*...

oh and if i see anymore comments against "gay" "lez" "bi" or just guys who do girl things, i am going to lose it! who the fck are you to judge what people do or who they love? seriously get real. there are lots of people like that who are actually happy. ellen d. , elton john, & even more. so just shut it. you can thumb down this comment & it wont hurt me 1 bit. it'll just show what a hateful little bitch you are.

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374- you're no longer champion!

ceinaworus 0

okay, who wants a kick to their PIECE OF SHIT FACE?!? i think that pussy poser vanilla face with the dog picture wants a taste of my "no look, backkick"! now lets all take five and watch me do situps while blowing fire.

Jupiter, I am honestly ashamed to have been born in the same year as you. Grow up, seriously. Not all of today's youth are as incompetent and arrogant as you, so stop grouping us. Unlike you, obviously, I have a job and pay taxes. You don't know everything so stop acting like you do. Fail troll fails.

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..... All countries are free?

poor Jupiter. quit picking on him. we all know what happened to jessi slaughter.

and by the way, it really is silly for people to create such an uproar over a kid's comment made in bad taste. oh wow a 15, 16, or 17 year old said something dumb, lets all make a federal issue out of it. Jesus Christ.

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This KaySL is such a badass on FML, not.

obviously he was talking about holding her boobs with his hands ... geez problem solved

you are a total waste dumb truck

"kids these days".it's used by all previous generations which precedes your own.I bet your father or grandfather said that to you.that's called generation gap,an excuse invented by "kids of the olden days" so they can drag future generations in mud.stop being close minded and stop generalising pls

btw,I'm talking to you Kay:).you seem to have super powers or something XD

Wow, I think this is the best comment ever. I have not seen so much ganging up on someone. This post made my day, thank you everyone. =)

338 most countries are not free especially USA. unfortunately federal bank owns USA and many others. sux a bit.

Jupiter should not even be in fml if his under 18.

Christ on a TARDIS? That's a new one- I love it.

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unless you have tiny paps, not wearing a bra is ok occasionally, but it gets uncomfy walking around all day and if she has big chebs then chances are she'll get a sore back too. however, nipples. :3

wintamint101 7

do you not have friends...?

DeadxManxWalking 27
Temi25 6

she showed wear a bikini top

spartanfan68 0

that's what the fml says but thanks for repeating it for all of us

353 - because if we didn't wear bra's you would see your nipples it would turn guys on and distract them, you'll even distract women as well. unless you got saggy **** then they (and women) will be repulsed instead

Its an opinion thing, I would definitely not be going outside without one. I would be just too uncomfortable so I don't think its fair to generalise for all women as some can go without. Also it can be kinda tacky looking (just my opinion) sorry OP, hope you get him back!

Splayd 10

I'm more concerned with the unruly behavior of her brother. What he did is vandalism and he needs to have his hide tanned and hung out to dry. Little brat.

voodoocheese 0

surely you were wearing one at the time?

itsnikki 0

maybe she was in the shower

Maybe she was sleeping. Or showering like 23 said.

randomchickkk 0

wouldn't there still be one on the floor?

Exactly what I was thinking, OP should at least have the one she was wearing, and if she was in the shower then she would have her clothes off in the washroom so her brother couldn't get to that and if she has her dresser near her bed then I don't see how she wouldn't wake up to someone opening her drawers and snipping up her bras.

She could have been in her pajamas at the time this occurred. She also could have been in her pajamas, gotten in the shower, and while she was showering her brother destroyed her bras. Most girls I know, myself included, don't wear a bra under their pajamas so if such was the case that would explain why she has none.

braibrai734 2

Yah but maybe It was in winter and she out grown all of hers

Go shopping at Wal-Mart. Cheap, and you'll blend into the crowd.

boatkicker 4

Ugh. Sucks. Wear layers and no one will notice. Go slow on the stairs and you wont be too uncomfortable.

Also don't jump around or run to your classes.

Angi95 3

Hopefully he doesn't have gym class.

boatkicker 4

Hopefully, OP is not a "he." :D

ieatcats 0

Don't forget to sit at the very back of the bus.

I think they mean take the bus to the store to buy bra's..

"take the bus and steal someone's bra" makes more sense to me.

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Too bad you probably don't see any anyways

Rikki27 5

yeah, but what did you do to him in the first place?

Fx13mz 7

Your* Comments like these just make me go "ugh".

let me translate using my stolen docbastard's idiot translator, but first what she wrote: -you are brother is stupid translation: your brother is stupid

sorry o wrote stupid silly me i meant idiot

jinki101 0

so was your dads condom, but we don't say anything about it.

no you can't rip off Doc like that and rip his funnies to shreds. you should be ashamed