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By  Tripartita  |  44

Then, with a deranged look, you said, "Well, you could B them if you smushed yourself up into subcutaneous fat and hung out in my bra." She hasn't talked to you since.

By  cacheson  |  41

If you have "small" boobs AND you're a C cup, it probably means you're super skinny since the size of a cup letter increases with the band size it's paired with. I'm sure she's just jealous that you're so fit and pretty.

  Mauskau  |  35

OP's sister could have bigger boobs than her and is basing her size off of that. My sister used to make fun of my boobs when they first came in and when I was younger, saying they were just fat and not real boobs, and they were small etc. Now I'm 3 sizes bigger than her, and I can't even give her my old bras anymore. She still tries to tell me it's because I'm wearing push up bras with loads of padding but then I just take it off and hand it to her so she can see they stop doing any sort of padding after DD. Sisters are always gonna be bitchy about things.

  neuronerd  |  28

It can depend on the shape of your boobs. I'm a D, but bra fitters have usually thought I'm a B or small C until they measure me (they're wider set on my frame). I'm not super skinny, but I'm not overweight either.

  lccc_  |  18

true. she probably has a small figure. I had a friend who was a C but i initially thought she was smaller since her boobs looked smaller than others with smaller cups. but the others had a bigger frame.