By Fml24609 - 09/08/2010 08:29 - United States

Today, I misspelled the word "failure" in front of all my co-workers. Now I'm not given any writing tasks. FML
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I agree with #1. How the hell do you misspell failure? That's a failure right there.

you misspelled faleure? wow who does that?

Look at it this way, you win at failing.

it's funny because they think you can't spell I bet the tension in the air was nice and moist

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oh mattman...IDK SO STUPID..jkjk.OP should write jackass on all the papers. OP they would NEVER know it's you cause the whole spelling stupid thing

i am assuming this person is a journalist

hahaha look on the bright side less work for you to do :)

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28 - Someone beat you to it. Fail.

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lol it's ok. sometimes you just have one of those da

am I the only one impressed u spelled "misspelled" correctly?

51- I love your hair! :D. it's really cool! Op, you fail badly :P

I doubt that only because of that they won't give you any tasks...

fail. that makes the word fail mentioned 20 times so far in comments. that is true failure. 21.

don't worry. Dwight shrute misspelled failure in the spelling bee final in fifth grade

37 you are getting as bad as skroal who has been missing for a couple days. I knew he would get the hint. LOL

you're such a "failer"! I mean failure!

"today I had to spend another eight ******* hours in a job I hate working with total retards. one of then can't even spell failure right. FML"

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Sean! where the hell are your other *******???

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HAHAH. Can you spell FAIL? oh wait, you probably can't. :)

...that obviously not the first time you mad a simple and retarded spelling error like that one

lol 112 you realize there are 3 grammar mistakes in your writing, two of which are spelling? don't insult someone's spelling if you can't properly spell or use grammar in your own defense. failtacular.

this also seems a little fake. he misspells a word in one day (notice how it starts out with today) and he is already asuming that he isn't getting any writing assignments? he does deserve it. but this also might be fake

Legonut I enjoyed your comments until you started the moist thing. It's just annoying now :(

122, capitalization errors are grammatical errors, too. Just thought I should let you know that you should take some of your own advice.


accually it's a fifth grade word for ur information

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scuse me, fifth grade word.

YDI for not spelling "excuse" right. :p

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YDI for not knowing how to spell a fourth grade word.


you're * for all those grammar Nazis out there ;]

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it's funny because you failed at spelling failure. ironic .

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I agree! Written tasks suck :p

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Your co-worker sounds like a nit-picky ass.

dam dude dont feel so bad everybody makes mistakes....number 6 I think your really cute :)

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Hehe. Pendatik for the win. Atrocious grammar should always be corrected, or at least made a mockery of. ;)

What did you expect? It's a simple word to spell, sorry but you seriously deserved it.