By Cheated - Canada
  Today, my wife of 2 years told me she was pregnant, after we've been trying for ages. Excited, about to call my parents, my wife then told me, "Don't get your hopes up it might not be yours, the father could be 5 other guys." And then asked me what I'd like for dinner. FML
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  De3z  |  0

wow... I don't even no what to say to that... xcept I'm SO sorry you married a cheating whore bitch that gets knocked up by 1 of 6 guys and tells you like it's no big deal...

  paprikacha  |  9

Yeah...I hope it was twisted Canadian humor too. Maybe the baby'll pop out looking exactly like him and she'll be all 'Did you think I was serious? lol' and everyone'll have a good nervous/relieved laugh together.

If not, it's time to throw that bitch in the road. -_-

  xraytek  |  0

divorce her and never look back even if the kid is yours you don't want a tainted child that will remind you of your whore wife. you'll never love it. and get yourself tested for STDs you knows what 5 other guys are infested with.


wow and she doesn't see any problem with that? just tell her straight up that's it's a problem cause she clearly doesn't realize what a marriage is supposed to be about. give her hell. lol. fyl op and sdi if you give der crap for it.

  trenton95  |  4

godofcyanide. dude your a retard. why would a wife just throw things like that around like it's just not right. you need to get a real sense of humor

  gingernator  |  0

well, i think the reason she did this was to get pregnant. since they have been trying for ages and no success, that means that the OP is sterile. so they still wanted a kid so she decided to go overboard and get nailed by 5 guys to ensure that she got pregnant. if she wasn't doing it for them and to get pregnant then she wouldn't have told him, otherwise she's the most honest whore in the world.


OP if I were you, I wouldn't jump to conclusions. She might be serious, but she'd have to be pretty stupid to say it like that. My feeling is that she's joking. It's not funny, though.

  mysfit  |  0

for sure! fuck that. sorry, op, that you found yourself with a slut. that sucks. but, yeah.. make sure to find out if the baby's yours or not and then leave the trash at the dumpster.

By  FFML_314  |  11

That's a bit extreme 5. Especially seeing as she's going to be a mother.
Anyway, OP I'm sorry about your wife being a cheating tramp. I hope you get the better sense to leave her ass.

  ninomunoz  |  0

24 - Whoever took that photo of you did a really great job with the lighting. You're like half-brunette, half-blonde! And your eyes came out gorgeous, too. Is it a senior pic?


lol @ 40, how did I get "owned" by that statement? need a new sarcasm detector? wtf lol. also, i dont spend my every waking moment on fml. this is the first time i checked this post since i responded to it earlier.


my senior pictures are from 2 years ago, i took this 1 on the fourth of july i was outside and took a picture it looked pretty fly so i kept it(: no photo shop just luck 'o the draw