By Doubleyew1 - 02/08/2010 23:43 - United States

Today, the cute guy I met on Halloween finally decided to meet up with me after almost 10 months of phone calls, IM, and emails. He was noticeably disappointed and said I looked different. On Halloween I had full face zombie makeup. FML
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RyanG_21 0

maybe he's attracted to zombies?

kidsanchez1 4

maybe he was drunk and thought you were a diffrent girl with same costume

you probably just gained some pounds because you were emailing him for 10 freaking months loser. YDI for being fat

FFML_314 11

Meeting someone on Halloween is not a good idea, because of that reason. @12 you're an idiot and a complete douche bag.

Jsalcedo23 0

where does it say she gained weight? and just cuz you're emailing doesn't mean you gain weight. I go on the Internet almost daily and I workout ou everyday as well. am I fat? naaa

RyanG_21 0

just think of it this way.. you got 2 more months until October comes around again & you can dress up as a zombie & have sexy time on Halloween. lol

americuzz 8

o wow that's creepy but why would u guys not trade pics while emailing && stuff. I meet ppl online all the time and we trade pics...

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Do you not have Facebook? How could you keep up that relationship and not have shown each other pictures at all? That's weird. YDI for not utilizing Facebook.

39- you have a firm grasp of the obvious. 

This is good news to me. I thought I was the only one out there with a zombie fetish.

whatsernam3 3

19 and 26 gave the troll his satisfaction :)

FFML_314 11

At least the satisfaction works both ways. :]

ellielovesyuh 0

ur shirt says it all 61**. ((: hah. my first comment had a typo xP

53 - I can't seem to decipher your code. All I got from it was, "39-".

EricErection69 0

I agree with 19 12 is a duche

ellielovesyuh 0

oh snapp my first comment never showed up. now I look like an idiot for correcting a comment that was never posted. >__<

69- to be honest with you, I think this person probably isn't fat and in reality emails and facebook only take like an hour of one persons day tops. I just like to make an outlandish statement to fuel the fire haha

FFML_314 11

You better explain yourself! Now back to your workshop little elf!

sorry not you 69... the numbers are changing on me... let's just go with 19

dang it they changed again... troll lost to the site :(

FFML_314 11

Maybe he thought you were dead/undead. After all, you were a zombie.

yeah but at first it was showing Ellie as 69 but then it showed you, true story. and no, I'm not on drugs :P

well that just means you need to wear a lot more make up :]

Nikolai103 0

82 you're awesome. Very good understanding of the concepts of "free will" and "reality."

IchbinSyn 0

I've got a zombie fetish too !! Op try again in your original zombie gear

74- how can you call someone a douche***(you fail at spelling) when your name is EricErection69...really?

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when [x= any {your comment}= fail if {comment #} = x] >> Reason: "YOU'RE FIGHTING ONLINE. Remember the motivator poster of the special olympics? >

98- yeah except for the fact that I have been diagnosed with Psychogenic Amnesia, thanks for reminding me.

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How do you remember your login password..? =]

Awesome 92! People with Zombie Fetishes Unite!

Nikolai103 0

Wouldn't a zombie fetish include a strict "no biting" rule? Just saying~~

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maybe zombies are a turn on? (;

It's okay OP. He was a dead end anyway.

TheOptimist and Ichbinsyn remind me of the movie, Fido. If you haven't seen it, do. The guy who plays Delmar in O, Brother Where Art Thou? has sex with his zombie.

89 Being a bitch doesn't really make people like you here..

KikiCarroll 0

12, I hope one day you fall unlovely with the perfect woman and then she breaks your heart because she no longer found your big gut and shrivled dick appealing.

Doubleyew1 0

I have to be honest, I met a lot of attractive guys at Boston's zombie march on May 29th and added their facebooks. They're good looking but I thought they looked more attractive with their zombie makeup. My two cents is that makeup intensifies good features and hides bad ones. Plus I've got a thing for the undead ;D

lmao 137 go to hell obviously you can't take a joke.

aoelk424 0

Phew, I thought I was the only one out there who has a fetish for zombies. Good to know I'm not alone.

Nikolai103 0

^^ ew.. your face is a big NO NO. Just kidding. =]

Pretty sure it was just a joke, princess.

at least he was honest. I admit I'm more attracted to zombies myself. their moan is beyond sexy

zombie fettishes.. it's ok tho zombies need love too

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Son_of_Helghan 0

technically they're undead, do the people that **** them aren't necrophiliacs, they're just ****** up

FFML_314 11

Zombies don't exsist. Therefore, you're right, people that do **** them are ****** up. Most likely skitzophrenic, but I'm not one to judge. Live on people!

i am neither a necropheliac or a schitzaphrenic, im just saying EVERYONE, including zombies need some love(:

FFML_314 11

I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about people that have sex with imaginary zombies. If you don't, move along. :]

Son_of_Helghan 0

Thanks for correcting them Trollz

FFML_314 11

Damn! Yes, thank you for correcting me. I was blinded by all of the horrible spelling on this website. I will try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

chevyygirl 0

hahah dangg i guess hes just got a thing for the living dead(;

Chrisskiies 0

I don't mercy! I got a thing foe the dead living.. No not really, I lied.. D: lol

your going to zombie makeup boyfriend hell

i really hope your not uglier than a zombie face and that he's just using that as an excuse to get rid of your stalking ass

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