By nowhereman1990 - / Tuesday 3 August 2010 04:23 / Venezuela
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  rallets  |  22

the nina, the pinta, the santa maria.. ill do you in the bottom while youre drinking sangria
nachos, and lemonheads, and my dads boat, you wont go down cause my d**k can float

hahaha hilarious

  seenpyro  |  0

ohh shitt.. is that you Kyle??? dude that song is making so much bank for us!!! don't even worry I'll give you like 50% profit... and Danny wants to know if he can have your snares for 20 bucks

  skroal  |  7

YDI for hearing on the local radio a song that you wrote almost 2 years ago. Apparently, after you and your family moved away, your former band found a new guitar player and that song is the first single of their debut LP.

  crazytoaster  |  2

When they get big, try to sue them for stealing the song.

Since it worked out so well for the guy who Metallica stole 'Enter Sandman' from.

And Led Zeppelin stole 'Stairway to Heaven' from.

Or when Pink Floyd managed to get royalties from Andrew Lloyd Webber for stealing 'Phantom of the Opera'.