By nowhereman1990 - 03/08/2010 04:23 - Venezuela

Today, I heard on a local radio a song I wrote almost 2 years ago. Apparently, after my family and I moved away, my former band found a new guitar player, and that song is now the first single of their debut LP. FML
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you really should sue them or sth, what if they become the next big thing with a song that you wrote?

What assholes >.>


I hope it does really well so that when you sue, you get all their money.

Sue 'em. They stole from you so now they have to pay for that. Problem solved.

Ali_Br_fml 33

op is rich biatch... Lolz

was it all time low I'm sorry but it's jokes if it was cause it was number 2 on the charts but at least you can sue them for loads of it's successful

FFML_314 11


sue them unless they are Renfue

RobotStrut 7

sue for loyalties once they're huge.

is the song called "Boats and Hos"?

If you can prove that you wrote it, your due for a huge paycheck. Sue them for royalties.

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the nina, the pinta, the santa maria.. ill do you in the bottom while youre drinking sangria nachos, and lemonheads, and my dads boat, you wont go down cause my d**k can float hahaha hilarious

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Well, to sue is probably the best thing to do, but what's your proof it was yours?

26, that's what you call a hit!

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ohh shitt.. is that you Kyle??? dude that song is making so much bank for us!!! don't even worry I'll give you like 50% profit... and Danny wants to know if he can have your snares for 20 bucks

That's almost as screwed up as when Coldplay copied Joe Satriani's music on Viva La Vida. Do something about it!

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and what band is this?? :D

You wrote it so sue them and get the rights to the song & make some bank. :)

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what is op??

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original poster.

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74 ur a dumb ass


original poster

sue you idiot'

YDI for hearing on the local radio a song that you wrote almost 2 years ago. Apparently, after you and your family moved away, your former band found a new guitar player and that song is the first single of their debut LP.

YDI for playing the guitar

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Sue them when the song does well.

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what song?

When they get big, try to sue them for stealing the song. Since it worked out so well for the guy who Metallica stole 'Enter Sandman' from. And Led Zeppelin stole 'Stairway to Heaven' from. Or when Pink Floyd managed to get royalties from Andrew Lloyd Webber for stealing 'Phantom of the Opera'.

106: metallica didn't steal enter sandman

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and Led Zepplin didn't steal stairway

Sue them or stab them!

Yes they did haha. They suck anyways. Lame dadrock. Listen to some black flag or something.

What assholes >.>

LMAO when it tops the charts

you really should sue them or sth, what if they become the next big thing with a song that you wrote?

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There is no way to prove he wrote the song

Zachary8261 28

Handwriting. Possible name on the paper...

you should sue there asses!!

id like 2 do something else to your ass

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That's not creepy at all.

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lol your name is taylortots WTF is wrong with you..

74 Why judge people based on their names?

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56 yes it is creepy

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That dog is so sexy...I'd do something to it's ass

54, has that line ever actually worked? I thought so.

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If it was pop music, YDI. Otherwise, FYL.

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That sucks! But now you have something in common with Mugato from Zoolander. So, that's a plus.

^^ win! love zoolander!!

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#8, you remind me of Youtube star Venetian Princess.

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just sue them or something!!

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"or something." Dun dun dun, she means murder...muahahaha.

lure them with promises of Coke and whores. works everytime

if you ever need professional help with that or need good contacts, ask 28 ;D

i need some "help" *wink*wink*

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yes yes murder >:o

How 'back-stabby' of them!! When you moved, did they know how to get in touch with you, to even tell you? Just wondering...

you have rights to that song! take what's rightfully yours!