By Broken - United Arab Emirates
Today, my fiancé invited his pregnant co-worker for dinner. After we finished eating, he sat down and explained to me that her kid is his and that he's been cheating on me with her for 5 months. She had a smile on her face during the entire thing. FML
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  priscilla_28  |  5

That just sucks man. Like seriously that is effed up on his part.
Thank gosh you hadn't married him yet. He'll probaly do her the same thing later on. The smile will wear off in time hun, don't worry. :)

  BoCo_fml  |  9

Now you can start over, and this time find a man that is so much better for you. 10years down the road he'll have 22 kids by 22 diff women and you'll be happy. Then you can say IN YOUR FACE!!!! to both of those assholes!!!

  tweetbaby14  |  17

109- my creeper senses are tingling!

and OP it was probably for the best. I mean she could just be the office "juice dumpster". most likely everyone had a piece, so the baby might not be his. then 2 or more weeks later bam! you'll be with an amazing guy that treats you like a queen.

  LASuxs  |  0

i too hate ppl who cheat. Wait i mean ppl who dont know how to cheat. first you pull out every time, and second you stick to the lie no matter wat she saw or may have on tape

  someone2me2  |  1

Should have got back at the bitch by saying " yey, we can have a threesome and all live together forever." Then destroy the toilet when she has morning sickness and spit in her food

  skroal  |  7

YDI for your fiancé inviting his pregnant coworker over and during dinner telling you that the baby is his and he was cheating on you with her for 5 months. She had a smile on her face the whole time.

  SeanFredrick  |  3

Maybe tWas a nervous smile like, "hehe hope dis bitch don't stab me" But anyway blame your lying cheating husband and not the slut for doing what sluts do. At least he came clean..

  seanders  |  10

FYL for sure OP. I don't understand why people cheat. If you're that unhappy with your partner that you'd cheat on them. Do them a favor and leave them. It may seem like a bad favor but it will cause much less pain to them in the long run. The pain caused by cheating is terrible, and can ruin a persons trust in others. If you don't have the courage to admit you're unhappy and leave them, and thus cheat instead, it means you're too immature to date yet and you're a fucking lowlife coward.

So to all cheaters who read this: there is no excuse, you are just a low life coward. I won't call you a piece if shit, cause a piece of shit is better than you.

And to the few faithfuls like be left: bless you all cause you know what love us, and you have the courage to do what's right. I hope you get what you deserve, another faithful lover!

  jameses19  |  0

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  TrekkieGirl  |  0

@239, I agree!

However, in regards to the OP, I truly hope this guy is now her 'EX' fiance. Him bringing his knocked up fling to dinner, was quite classless and extremely thoughtless. He should have told the OP in private.

  jameses19  |  0

how funny and ironic, I just saw a piece on CNN how they were talking about how cheating actually helps relationships! I didn't stick around to watch it but I'm curious to learn and understand where they are coming from on that.

  GRyphonLJJ  |  0

To all the UAE haters...Bet a box of doughnuts OP, the ex fiancé and the Preg-Ho are soldiers or civilian contractors; not UAE nationals.
I hope they are all soldiers and she reports them. Getting knocked up on assignment is a big no no.
Too bad he was only the fiancé...Can't have them Article 15'd for adultery then divorce his sorry ass.

  groovis  |  2

The unmitigated gall to tell you this with her in the room, after you cooked for them shows that you are lucky to be rid of him. It also shows she is a real skank and the true losers here are you and the poor child they spawned. I hope you quickly find true love and I know Karma will sort out the rest. Stay strong!!

  Schooled  |  0

yeah neither do I, like I just dont understand it if all your out for is to fulfill your desires and lust then stay single and go do so not hurting someone you ve just made a commitment with. To hurt the girl who is your gf, wife, or what not so you can have some temporary fun just isnt right like 54 my concious would explode

  pooponyuou  |  0

psh the pregnant coworker should not be smiling. the douchebag who did that to op will probably do the same to her. op shouldn't be in the blues. she can now have hate sex every night :)

  AmbrosiaFan  |  18

Sounds like #239 has cheated before and rationalized it somehow.

As for the OP, I would have hinted that "My ex fiance said that he loved me and was the only one for me. Has he told YOU that yet? Well, hope he's actually honest that time and doesn't cheat on YOU like he did ME". Put a seed of doubt about his faithfulness to her, since he was unfaithful to YOU.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

Hey, fuck you, #239.

Don't tell people they need to walk in a cheater's shoes. "Oh no, I felt lonely and had to gain attention from someone else!" Die.

  DarkHelmet  |  10

Get a baseball bat and beat the shit outta him now... then wait for her to have the baby and return to full health and BEAT the BRAKES off her ass too!!!!