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  Inciter  |  33

I honestly wonder if there's a such thing as a good man. My fiance's cheated on me, my best friend's man cheated on her, and every guy we know is a cheating scum.

On the plus side, he did come clean with you. There are men who will lie about cheating even after they're caught.

  Lizardgirl  |  7

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  TheElBurrrito  |  21

The problem is, all us "good" guys have been friend zoned. All the girls saying we are all scum bags, are the main ones to friend zone the good guys. You girls go after the bad boys and when they end up treating you poorly, you come running to the good guy to cry on. Needless to say, being the good guy means being there for them no matter how overlooked we can be.

  SpamPam  |  18

68 - cry me a river loser. I'm sorry to mean, but girls get friendzoned too. Usually when someone gets friendzoned it's because they are incompatible. You can't force someone to be attracted too you. Usually girls and guys go after attractive people. Said people are usually jerks b/c they know they look good. To be completely honest, I have friendzoned many people and I have been friendzoned by others in return. It's like the circle of life. Get over it and stop comforting yourself by making yourself out to be a victim.


@58, I didn't know Taylor Swift frequented the FML comment section. Cool! Slut-shaming is immature, as is the mindset that you're better than other girls just because you prefer to wear t-shirts rather than what you deem to be "slutty" clothing.

Not sure why girls get stuck in that "I'm not like other girls" thing. It's that holier-than-thou attitude that's gonna make people not like you, not the fact that you prefer sneakers to high heels.

  Ian7890  |  23

I would say there are less scumbags than good people, you just hear about all the scumbags. I mean come on your on fml, people aren't gonna talk about good people.

  vencku  |  13

I was wondering the same thing. All the cheating FML's are enough to start worrying anyone who's in a relationship.
I don't quite see what virginity has to do with it, though. Having sex is not something to be proud of in itself, but is not getting laid such an amazing feat?

  jackiemora  |  18

May be cliche but guys think with their penis as well as girls think with their vaginas. We just have to control it and know what it is right and wrong. Sucks not many care what is wrong and do it anyways.

  sunflower150  |  4

#58 - You're pathetically insecure. Work on improving your self esteem rather than looking for validation from strangers on the internet. Also, you're extremely naive if you expected someone to reply to your comment with "wow Lizardgirl, you shining beam of morality, class and excellence. Clearly all other women should strive to be just like you." Whether or not you realize it, you obviously feel very threatened by women who wear revealing clothing or who lead a lifestyle that is different from yours otherwise you wouldn't try to put them down in a lame attempt to make you feel better about yourself. Also, grow up.

  Flaum  |  7

If you're looking for a site where people share heartwarming stories about people doing nice things for each other, you're probably on the wrong site.

  sparc_fml  |  4

The story of "Today, my husband came home and told me how much he loved me and then we had a wonderful night together" isn't really something you'd expect to find on FML ;).

  Emily062611  |  6

I think it's a little far to call someone "pathetically insecure". Maybe instead of basically "shaming" her for "shaming" sluts, you can just ignore her comment, or take it at face value. She was saying she's not into all the partying, etc because that's what the comments are about. Deal with it.

  spazz666  |  18

If you're looking for people who aren't scum bags, FML is not the site for you sweetie.

On a more serious note, I know a couple that's married, both have cheated on the other, and are still together for who the fuck knows what reason. People suck, through and through, but there are some good people out there.

  chosha_fml  |  25

#96 Sometimes it is. But with a story like this I don't enjoy their pain. It's more like a feeling of realising we all go through bad things in life and how very human that is.

  SirCharles83  |  13

I never said I'm expecting to see heartfelt stories on FML. It was an indictment on society not on FML. I have strong values myself, and it seems we are a dying breed.


Many times when someone cheats there are signs. It's not uncommon to not face them. The quip the OP made about the 'cute colleague' means that on some level OP had considered that possibility.

By  CatchMe25  |  16

Well...on the bright side you're now free to go find that cute colleague you work with. With any luck there will be some drinks, some inter office sex, a shotgun wedding, and a life of bliss!

By  ksks1234  |  33

That is a terrible situation to be in. You have a long road ahead of you concerning difficult decisions. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose.