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Today, my girlfriend blew up at me for a comment I had made several weeks ago about not wanting kids. Then, she told me that she's pregnant. After consoling her and telling her that whatever we do, we'll do it together, she further explained that she's not sure if it's mine. FML
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I think you just found your out.... Run!

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did you drive her to the hospital after you pushed her down the stairs?


I think you just found your out.... Run!

That sucks bro really, nothin to say but......wait it out find out if it's yours or not. Still sucks that she cheated on you

FYL but at least this is a no-brainer. Leave her and if DNA results come back with your name on them, interact with your kid, not her. least you know she's a ****. maybe you can get some regularly

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What a great guy for consoling your girlfriend when you found out she was pregnant. I know several guys that would have freaked out and would have been the ones who needed consoling, so kudos to you! However, it sucks that she turned that one around on you. All you can do is hope for the best, and you will have quite a few months to carry that hope. But until then, FYL OP!

I agree with #7. I hope OP learned a lesson. Next time you use a condom or just put the wiener in the pooper.

Gee, your second option sounds like an incredibly viable method of birth control for someone with a girlfriend.

Atlease she was honest enough to tell you. she could have never said any thing. With that being said, I feel for you. she is a bitch for cheating. What comes around goes around and it will hit her ass twice as hard. for your sake I hope the baby is NOT yours. If I was you, you better get tested, she could have gave you some kind of desease (sp?) good luck and FYL

yeah, if she doesnt know if it's yours it's time to move on. if it does turn out to be your kid, you have to be a responsible parent, but not a responsible boyfriend anymore... ydi for being with a slutty girl

Gotta love how barely anyone has enough respect for you to just end things instead of cheating these days.

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Too bad it's always the ***** that withhold sex.

I too, think you should just leave until the paternity is found out. If it does turn out to be yours and you weren't there throughout the pregnancy? Well, that's her own damn fault then isn't it? Please, do not get back together with her even if it is yours.

Cross your fingers and hope it's not yours.

Dump the whor if it's nt yours, if it's yours, never let her forget, make her life a perpetual guilt trip, and if you cause her enough stress and misery, she may miscarrage, and you'll have nothing to worry about, at which point you call her a *****, and dump the ****. Whatever you do, don't let her forget this.

hey! in my defence I was joking with her she Neva knows when I'm serious so stop puttin YDI when clearly she dont

Dude, at least it was not a steak she threw at u . kkk

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I see romantic success in your future.

hey on the bright side, at least you didn't find out after she had the baby and u two raised it wouldn't that be interesting.......

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Gf "I'm pregnant" Bf "not it!"

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did you drive her to the hospital after you pushed her down the stairs?

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wow . dang man. that sucks . fyl

ahh the female mind will never be understood

THAT females mind may never be understood.

dont take her back bro if it is urs then coo take care of da kid but dont get back wit her unless u plan on wantin more stress

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the devil was obviously down in in Georgia and he decided he'd make a deal when he saw your girl who was ready to hurl and wanted to have a kid. he said "I'll give you some joy but here's the catch you see: that bitch is gonna be mine as soon as it turns 18." she was skeptical at first, but then she said "hey! sure! yeah! my boyfriend won't don't want one anyway!" and now she's six weeks pregnant and you'll just have to understand, she's got a man--the devil himself: the best dad there's ever been.

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x) thanks. my iPhone did it's damage, but the message stands LOL

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Yeah, I'm on my iPhone too. It surely is a pain.

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eh, it's not too bad ^^ I do love my iPhone. except when it threatens to die on me (20% Battery Left) ;-;

lol totaly agree but I'm on iPod thouch not phone

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Well, when I work Photo at my job, I just plug my iPhone into the computer we use to alter photos and manage orders--but it sucks when my boss walks by and is just like "yeah that cord doesn't go there..." LOL

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say this op. why isn't it mine? what did you do? then blow up a tiny bit