By Anonymous - 14/01/2016 12:51 - Australia

Today, my girlfriend actually slept with one of the celebrities on her "5 celebrities we're allowed to sleep with" list. FML
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well you did say she could, so I guess ydi?

Honestly, I've never seen the point of those things.


well you did say she could, so I guess ydi?

This is ops moment to get laid as well

Umm... Does ydi mean "you da idiot?" Asking for a friend.

no it means you deserve it.

No, you da idiot

Ya at first I was thinking that your life sucks, but then I realized you both actually made a list of 5 celebrities you were allowed to sleep with and then I realized ydi, because part of you had to think it was the tiniest bit possible in order for you to make the list in the first place. So ydi. From now on vow to sleep with only each other no matter who else comes along.

OP probably made the list assuming that it would never happen so it wouldn't be a problem.

Joke or not, they set the rule that it'd be okay for their partner to sleep with those people. Whether or not op realized she would get the chance, op agreed to it. And even participated considering it seems they made their own list.

I want OP to reply with who the celebrity was. Because I'm betting the word celebrity is used very loosely, much like OPs girlfriend.

I'm watching that Spongebob episode right now!

Honestly, I've never seen the point of those things.

Now he can bang Megan Fox or Kate Upton.... Well, no he can't but he DOES have permission. That's the point

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It's supposed to be a pipe dream to fantasize about

#35, my age is not the point here. But to the other kind replies, thank you, now I understand.(:

I'm pretty sure the point of those is so the girlfriend can do what she did without OP being able to get mad at her. It's also kinda why it was an FML... :P

#51, true lol. I'd still be pretty miffed if my SO pulled that on me.

It's meant to be an absurd joke. A list of celebrities that you agree are totally cheat worthy. The joke is that no one expects to actually have it happen, hence the FML. OP wasn't really okay with cheating, he just never thought there was a chance his girlfriend would have the opportunity. Or, perhaps, he didn't think she'd actually go through with it even if she could.

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#94 she didn't cheat. she had permission. if there wasn't permission given it would be cheating but he okayed it

#94 explained it perfectly. It is joked about because it is highly unlikely that you will even meet a celebrity on your list, let alone get to talk to them or even be intimate. The fact that it actually happened is probably the first time it's ever happened to anyone, and OP is extremely unlucky. But cheating is cheating. No one should take the '5 celebrities' list seriously, so it's still cheating, just the same as if OP's girlfriend had gone to a bar and slept with someone she met there. I do assume, #3, that you mean you don't see the point in making those lists, but I'd already typed the above and refuse to delete it now :P

We all know if this was reversed OP's girlfriend would have probably freaked out that OP "cheated" and would have broken up with him

I think it's useful to see what your SO is into so you can know who to worry about in the real world. My list would start with Salma Hayek and Cameron Diaz: hot women who can do comedy. So, if I'm seen with a woman who is making me laugh: Danger!

Same here. Why fantasize about screwing other people?

I am going back to bed...

Good night.

Oh TacticalBacon saving me from starvation in DayZ, thank you.

What will come of this thrilling masterpiece? Tune in next week for the next episode!

If she gets pregnant you guys might get rich

Dicky but true

I thought the exact same thing! We are assholes :-D

Ooooo who was it?

We need an update!

Danny Devito.


not charlie sheen I hope..

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Too soon, 127, WAY too soon!

Alan Rickman's corpse then?

#127 and #172 see yourselves out please. those are both way too soon things to say. :(

This was actually a good one

#192 just too booty hurt lol

hey hey hey

Just..... Wow.. I don't even know what to say.. Wow....

Well. Thank god you said you didn't know what to say. Very productive...

pandainspandex 19

The best time to post a comment is when you have nothing to say. /s

7's comment is a doge meme waiting to happen

Such speechless, very amaze, much

If I sent that as a reply to my girlfriend's text she'd say exactly what you guys are.

Because the situation is so unlikely to happen, I would probably just be in shock that she got the opportunity. But if you're willing to let it go and she's promising not to do it again, I would suggest trying to work through it.

It depends on who the celebrity is whether they can go back or not.

Why should she promise not to do it again? He gave her permission. She's allowed to sleep with him.

I wouldn't be okay with it.

I completely agree. Despite making such a list, I would still expect the other person not to go through with it.

Can I high-five your girlfriend? :'D

Depends, are you famous?

If he is famous he can do more than high-five her

Pic!! Or it never happened. lol.