By Anonymous - 02/09/2014 21:29 - United States - Atlanta

Today, I found out that my girlfriend takes videos of me sleeping and watches them with her friends. FML
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What are you doing in your sleep that's so interesting?

bingo__O 15

Yeah, like how would it be entertaining enough to record and share with friends?

Maybe OP talks in his sleep....or has a hilarious snore. An uncle of mine sounds like a happy penguin sometimes. I'd say that's worth a quick clip.

thebigtwinkie 28

13-But obviously you did not, because you're a good brother

PoisonOrchid 21

My husband does all kinds of crazy, hilarious things in his sleep. I should start taping him. I'd never show it to other people though.

incoherentrmblr 21

I hope you're not susceptible to suggestions while sleeping. If you are, and she's doing it and filming it, that is messed up...

Kind of*? That's really creepy. There's so much someone can do while they sleep. Not many of them are worth recording

My roommate sometimes farts like a bull moose in his sleep. I'd watch that for a giggle a few times. Hard to catch on tape though. Otherwise, nothing really comes to mind that would warrant videotaping.

But it's kind of cute too... In a creepy way...

that's kinda creepy... maybe might not want to ever tell him. I would freak if I found out someone taped me while I slept.

Well, my friend farts like cow in his sleep so. Sometimes it's worth recording.

thehouseisonfire 8

Well that's different I suppose

Dreamsorrow93 24

Eh if it was for her it would be cute. To watch it with her friends? That is just messed up.

I think to watch it by herself is pretty creepy too...

um......ya I really dont know what to say to this one.

NotGabe 28

Usually people don't comment when they don't know what to say. Just putting it out there.

If you're having trouble thinking of a comment, sleep on it and come back.

I recommend you seek retribution. Make it good...sleep on it.

She's the wrong kind of "crazy in the bedroom".

You're situation sounds wayyy more creepy than his...

Maybe she's terrified that you have sleep apnea, and has gathered her friends to meticulously analyze your breathing patterns during REM. Or she's just a ******* creep.

They just enjoy watching you act out that wet dream of yours, no biggie... Totally normal...