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Today, I woke up to my 7 year old son angrily trying to smother me with a pillow. FML
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Seems like a milky situation... I just felt like putting a useless comment here, I expect the down votes..

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Trying to be like Stewie Griffin I see

Counselling must be a code word for ass whoopin. If I found out my kids ever tried to do something like that on purpose they would get flogged.

It's a shame you can't beat kids like you use to. :/ mind you not abuse. I use to get my ass beat when I acted up. A few months ago a kid in the hospital told me " *racial slur* you ain't fend stuck me with shit mother ******". I told him him he was lucky his mom was there and she should be ashamed of herself for allowing her five year old talk to an adult like that. A good ass whooping is good for bad kids. I know I was one of them.

Totally off topic, but I agree with 65. I completely agree with spanking. Abusing your kid and spanking them are completely different. I think that as a parent you should try things like timeout and taking away toy privileges for the every day stuff and to try that first, but sometimes spanking is required. A lot of kids also respond better to things like timeouts, and then there are the kids who don't care about timeouts and will scream their head off at you, those kids respond better to spankings. I also think you shouldn't spank your kid when you are angry. And for those saying that children get mixed messages because they're not supposed to hit but they're being "hit," my 2 brothers and I were all spanked and we knew we were not allowed to hit people, we also knew that our parents loved us and that spanking us was a form of discipline and that it was for our benefit. We all turned out to be great kids and all 3 of us believe that spankings are useful and are thankful our parents did it.

I don't think a spanking would least not now that it has come to smothering. I think hitting the kid will only further aggravate him. Counseling would be best

#65 Trying to smother someone in their sleep isn't the kind of problem that would be solved by spanking.

#91, perhaps it could place fear into the child and have it think twice before attempting again? just my two cents.

its not that smacking your children is bad, but humans only lash out like thar when theyre angry and or upset, some people might not be able to tell the difference between smacking their kids and abusing their kids due to the rage inside them. plus children learn that using physical language to get what you want done is easier and more effective than talking, and that should never be the case.

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#96 I agree with you there. My dad frequently whipped me with a belt and both he and my mother verbally, emotionally, and physically (including slamming me into the corner of a wall and slaps across the face) and none of it made me respect him or even realize what I was doing was wrong. Not saying that spanking is wrong; on the contrary, some kids can learn well from a good ass whipping. But my parents would always get so angry with me that the fury is all I remember; it colored all of their actions and made it horrific to live through. My mom let my dad hurt me. She said "You know he has anger problems. You know he has buttons. Just don't push his buttons, honey." Now they wonder why I don't live at home and barely visit. Sorry for the novel, just trying to relate :)

97. This is why I think a parent shouldn't spank their kid in when they are angry in the heat of the moment. My parents always sent me to my room first to "think about what I've done" and then they would come up later and calmly explain to me why they were doing what they were doing and told me that they didn't enjoy doing it and told me they loved me. I think that is probably why I respected them so much even when they disciplined me. I knew why it was happening, that it was something they hated doing and that their feelings and love toward me didn't change. I think when parents spank while they're angry it can often undermine the entire discipline, as it did for you for example.

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I'm so Happy and witty and....wanna smoother you with this pillow!!!

Sounds like the beginnings of a serial killer...

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My first thought also. Time to give him a good lesson.

No he just told her to many times that he didn't want feather pillow.

This is what happens when you don't get them mcdonalds. I stole fries from my cousin once and he tried to choke me with a pillow case . Beware op, beware.

he didn't get the right amount of candy for Halloween ...

That comment became too funny when I pictured OP's son with a drug scale weighing his candy.

Why is #81 getting down voted dor helping #79?

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Because OP doesn't mean Original Poster... It means Octagonal Penguins. I thought everyone knew that ;P

That's a major problem you have there. Seek professional help ASAP for your kid while you still can.

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Shouldn't have said that he couldn't have the last cookie in the cookie jar!