Thanks, I hate it

By ken - 19/07/2011 07:40 - Canada

Today, I learned that my girlfriend is cheating on me when she was arrested for having sex in public. Not with me though. FML
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Mi24hind 0

Dump her and don't bail her out.


That's awful...

That sucks :/ fyl indeed

at least justice was served, arrested! hope you didn't bail her out...

leave the bitch behind bars

TheRealBruce 12

oh noo I'm sorry that's horrible.

whybother8 0

i bet u bailed her out.. didnt u?

whybother8 0

i bet u bailed her out.. didnt u?

If I was you, I would so enjoy leaving her there ^.^

katieklein 0

You have sex with another girl! After you dump your girlfriend!

I don't get how op deserves it? that just sucks man! fyl

Visit jail. While she is behind bars and watching, bang random girl. Revenge complete.

Not girlfriend material.

extrovertical 0

"Not with me though." ??? if it was with you it wouldn't be cheating.

dancerNsinger4li 0

Public fuckery...I like it lmao!

#111 you like public fuckery as in the act or as in the comment? lol

Well at least you know she is being punished!

u just lost a winner

Visit her in jail then make sassy comments about how she's in jail and you arent. "remember that awesome party we were at last night? Oh WAIT, you don't, cause you're in jail. Suck it bitch"

Yeah, do it in public and get arrested. When she sees you in jail, she'll be so jealous!

samijade 0

No, that's badass.

that is awful. but if I ever found out my girl was cheating on me.....then found out she's in jail Bc of it. I say the score is settled.

kaykay9080 5

N0, that's sexy shiat.

That's exactly what I was just thinking. If you found out your girlfriend was cheating by being arrested for having sex in public, then it wasn't with you. Umm I don't know how my comment got all the way down here because it was suppose to be a reply to 87. Oh well.

damn dude. that sucks. it's probably for the best that it wasn't with you though.

idk man outside sex is awesome...

cimh 9

You know? So you were the other guy? LOL

Temi25 6

Ken, the perfect American boyfriend, huh. Barbie smh

But "Ken" is in Canada.

At least you weren't there and you weren't the one arrested. Let her deal with her own mistakes.

she deserves a good o'l fashioned cunt punt

K to the I to the N .... Whore....

*looks at username* When did Barbie become a bad person?

Now lets hope you didn't go bail her out!!

53 -- apparently, she wasn't that sneaky. needless to say, i wouldn't be doing any secret agent missions with her.

well was her sex good with you?

MagicGiraffe 12

bitches will be bitches...

well I'm glad you knew what she really is, now you can move on

@81 -- she became a bad person when she created this "no ken do" situation.

Mi24hind 0

Dump her and don't bail her out.

I would accidentally bring my new girlfriend to vist her in jail

Doesn't cheating mean she having sex with someone other than you? No need to say, 'Not with me though' since it's already been clarified. I didn't think she was cheating on anyone else.

krakadilian 0

Arabs suck

I hope u call her ur ex now

twizlet 0

that's what I was gonna say

find a girl, have sex in public and you'll feel alot better :)

why would he feel better if he is in jail?

Do_The_DANCE 4

I'm down if he's not

21, maybe he likes to drop the soap?

stacianichole 2

who told women that it's sexy when they make awkward duck faces? it's less sexy and more skanky bitch. whatever happened to SMILING? no, you don't look 'bad ass' - you look RIDICULOUS.

^^ bitch much?

#107 is on their period

Can you say: crazy cat lady pmsing?


fairymacabre 7

duck face,a cünts favorite expression(:

samanthanicolee 0

134- you made my day haha :D

107- how do u no she's trying to be ba?? look at her profile and you'll find out she's just a normal girl trying to have a laugh on fml.

16rrpass 0

wow. that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard

And don't get caught

KayleighRenee 0


jellitonoctopus 19


that's really a bottom shelf kind of girlfriend you have.. just saying

wow. intensifies the degree down to which women can go for sex. you should've paid attention to her OP

You can't be serious.

why so (not) serious?

because we would like to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're not completely retarded.

that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. you make it sound like he deserves this. no one does for any reason. if u ask me she was just being a slut.

KennKenn 0

10- Thats like, the fourth time I've seen one of your comments buried down. You're like the anti DocBastard.

Did you have sex with her? If you didn't, count yourself lucky. ;)