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  grapisy  |  8

Visit her in jail then make sassy comments about how she's in jail and you arent.
"remember that awesome party we were at last night? Oh WAIT, you don't, cause you're in jail. Suck it bitch"


That's exactly what I was just thinking. If you found out your girlfriend was cheating by being arrested for having sex in public, then it wasn't with you.
Umm I don't know how my comment got all the way down here because it was suppose to be a reply to 87. Oh well.

  Souners  |  3

Doesn't cheating mean she having sex with someone other than you? No need to say, 'Not with me though' since it's already been clarified. I didn't think she was cheating on anyone else.

  stacianichole  |  2

who told women that it's sexy when they make awkward duck faces? it's less sexy and more skanky bitch. whatever happened to SMILING? no, you don't look 'bad ass' - you look RIDICULOUS.