By hoody - 22/01/2010 22:27 - United States

Today, I got to sleep in the same bed as the love of my life...and her new boyfriend. FML
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killabee 0

I don't quite understand, why were you all sleeping together? Like threesome style? But then it wouldn't really be an FML...???



awkward turtle.

AnaMaree 0

So she had a threesome?

I first thought curled up at the end of the bed like a dog. I guess that's more weird than a threesome.

find another girl cuz u will never get out of the FRIENDZ ZONE *scary music*

I like turtles

TripleJumpMan 0

haha so true...

lucy331 0

that's just what I was thinking!!

I was waiting for someone to say that.

its not gay if its in a threeway

killabee 0

I don't quite understand, why were you all sleeping together? Like threesome style? But then it wouldn't really be an FML...???

Not every guy wants a threesome with a girl and another guy...

So which spoon were you? Big, little, or middle?

how do you manage that

mshafty 0

Well at least the Boyfriend is happy about the current situation!

Threesome? Threesome FTW? I don't get it.

Threesome is when 3 people have sex together

flashback.miss 28

Um... superglue their genitals together?

Oh yes, I listened to that song just yesterday!

flashback.miss 28

whats the name of the song? ^^

incredibad by the lonely island

Arotai 0

Shes my bestfriend and her bf lives far away and was staying at a we all just slept there for a night. and she didnt want me to have to sleep on the floor. and no threesome or sex of any kind

wow sorry bout that

No offence, but you should have just politley declined the bed and slept on the floor. Even if you didn't have anything with you, you can call down to the front desk for extra pillows and blankets. I know you're in love with her and that sucks, but it's kind of wrong for you to share a bed with them if that's all that's running through your head. Not to mention you're emotionally torturing yourself.

boatkicker 4

They'll usually bring up a cot free of charge, or pretty cheap.

_nobodyspecial 0

Dude, this girl is not your best friend, she is just a tease! She knows about your feelings for her and is stringing both you and her "boyfriend" along.

I feel so sorry for you.. seriously

Arotai =/= OP

inthavong17 0

no, I have a bestfriebd whom is a female and I'm madly deeply in love with her, and she knows...she is going out with my other bestfriend

Arotai 0

and I just created my Im also "hoody" or w/e

Towelie_31 0

#10 finally an op who comments to straighten shit out. An I agree fyl, nothing is worse than the friend zone... except aids...

lol, hes not the OP. If he had an account already why would he have to make one? doesn't make sense, its just some random bored douche bag.

Arotai 0

i made one after I posted this cause I realized i couldn't comment without an account and "hoody" was already taken...

I have the same sich. just not as awkward.

this is ridiculous. whoever let this one pass is a tard too

#99's got it right