By Anonymous - 09/10/2010 04:06 - United States

Today, I found out that my current girlfriend has dated all of my friends at one time or another. FML
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amazingjane 0

if they are ur friends, how come u didn't already know this?

Man, she really gets around. Either that or you don't have many friends...


fyl for being the last one OP lol

sloppy FOURTHS

ewww! bucket snatch or what liiike!? like shagging a wizards sleeve? hotdog down a hallway?

The cycle is complete....

zerobahamut03 2

So your girlfriend is the village bicycle Lol. This doesn't look good for you.

YDI for dating a whore

so you finally got your turn on the bike! yay for you!

Seriously, it doesn't mean she's slept with all of them. Like someone else said, depends on her age. If she's younger, she would be less likely to have slept with them etc. To get to the part that irks me off, a woman who has slept with more than one man is generally said to be a slut. The same rationale isn't applied to a man. It's actually encouraged, that he sleep around. This world is so messed up that it'll probably continue for the next 100 years or so So, if the logic is applied that, if she has slept with all OP's friends, it was while they were in a relationship stead enough for them to calll each other gf/bf/dating, then why are people calling her a slut? Ignorant.

'round 'round, get around I get around, sorry, the song randomly poped up in my head

Man, she really gets around. Either that or you don't have many friends...

T9FTW 20

I was talking to my friend's sister, who was 10 at the time. She told me she had 10 boyfriends in the past excluding when she went back out with them. So, I know the type.

Wow, she's trashy.

She's not trashy unless she has sex with them all too.

haha this sounds like a girl in my friendship group she dated everyone in my band an a bunch of other guys In the group xD anyways FYL OP but it is kinda funny :P

wonderboy745i 0

homie hopper is what you describe that shit as

Sloppy sevenths!!!

Why moderated?

mintcar 9

Wow, that's a little strange. Gross too.

Xavi89 0


pop2it 5

she is not a hoe. I've dated all my boyfriends friends cause they're a good group of guys

SoCalHunn 0

^^ how are they a good group if u didnt jus stay with one??? youre just a stupid brod.. ridiculous

pop2it 5


Pretend you and your buds are a band and that she's a groupie! The situation will go from awkward to completely normal! Just don't put a red snapper in her "red snapper". Plus 5 internets to the first to get the reference.

Brighton_Goose 0

didn't turn out too bad for zepplin

It was a mud shark, not a snapper, TYVM! >.<

Brighton_Goose wins 5 internets! These INTS can be used to download the bootleg live Led album of your choice off the internet! Viruses may be a special added bonus :D .

serenity40 6

everybody gets a ride and it's free!!!