By Chad - 14/08/2010 17:37 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I made lists of what celebrities we're interested in. The first one she listed wasn't a celebrity - it was my brother. He's spending the weekend with us. FML
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dodo97 0

okay just stay with her the whole time!!


dodo97 0

okay just stay with her the whole time!!

fake an illness or something. so that way she will stay with u. or!! maybe ur brother has the same name as a very unknown celebrity...

ThatsJustMii 0

if u like it than u better put a ring on it!!

lol yeah MercyFML, just a last resort. but option B makes more sense. lol. but it would force OPs gf to stay with him!

"Oh, you like my brother? Yeah, he's cool. We have so many similar hobbies, like banging your mum. :)"

rallets 22

well if she likes him, she better put a ring on it

maybe she was kidding? if not, that sucks and don't leave em alone. problem solved ;)

 fyl.  on the bright side, you get to find someone else who can't like your brother cause he's dating 

why don't you, um I don't know, DISINVITE YOUR BROTHER? I'm sure you could come up with an excuse.

Brittney_E 0

15- i hate that song. 26- i hate that artist. OP- put her mom on your list.

39- that song sucks. And, Justin Bieber should die in a hole. :)

have u seen the vid of beiber getting smacked in the head with a bottle he is super gay or a big pansy

his career is over once he's done with puberty... unless he's a... no, no nvm

well, unfortunately, his balls have dropped. about a centimeter.

ew you and your girlfriend make lists of celebrities your interested in. sorry. lame. YDI

quent10 0

it's funny Justin beiber is a disgrace to Canada

Idk what everyones talking about, I love Justin bieber!!!!!  I would definetally pick him

posting a comment so the annoying keyboard on my iPhone will go away and I can navigate fml mobile!

samantha987 0

59, no. she's probably ten years old though.

JayJayAttackAtta 5

Justin Bieber will take over the world with his smile!!!

the_flirtt 0

that would be hard to do # 1

lurchin_10 0

50- Justin bieber is not just a disgrace to Canada, he is a disgrace to all mankind

Brittney_E 0
JustJess666 0

beiber is a plague on humanity... he must be stopped. who's with me?! *cocks shot gun* let's exterminate that prissy fag adolescent and make our lives better!!

Brittney_E 0

i also agree with that comment 79.

What's with all the hate towards Justin bieber? My list would have to be Jessica alba, and Katy Perry. Invade anybody cares.

JustJess666 0

81 both of your picks are hot... no one would hate. but beiber is lame. mine would have to be Seth rogan for the top guy and probably Olivia munn for the girl

Op, your bro is gonna stir your porridge

You, your girlfriend and your brother should have a threesome and during the ménage-à-trois, you and your brother should Eiffel Tower this broad!

28-no thats what we like to call ribs.....

drew1978 4
Schizomaniac 24

Dude your nipple is like 6 feet away from where it is supposed to be.

dodo97 0

It wasn't a bottle, it was a t-shirt wrapped around gummi worms; which actually makes him an even bigger pussy for saying "ow!"

79-I'm with you, but you need a shotgun? a waterbottle sent him to the hospital!


This is a ridiculous FML. Each sentence is very irrelevant.

107-Lmfao hate Justin Bieber..there is no way in heck he's actually 16 and sings that dang high.

samantha987 0

95- I'm prreeetttyy sire that's his nipple... 107- that was funny! I was cracking up when I read that!!

JustJess666 0

yes a shotgun is needed... we don't want anything left of him that can be recognized. I hope to god that he dies soon!!! btw I just want to say I'd you're listing celebs to bone Justin beiber should not be on there unless you're like 15. any older than that it's just creepy... wait it's just wrong either way. it's worse then counting down for the Olsen twins or freaky Dakota fanning... eww!! *gags* they may be olde enough now but people started whacking it to then when they were like 13.... WRONG!!!

Guess you learned your gf might be a cheating witch. Sucks, but now you know.

Well if there's trust issues... it's probably not going to work out between you two anyways.

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Brittney_E 0 many pics of dogs do you have???

Brittney_E 0

i'd go with putting her dad. how much is enough? perhaps more than what's in a year book?

Of course it's more than how many are in a yearbook. Why would there be pictures of dogs in a yearbook?

Brittney_E 0

why would u guys even do that... but dump her

That's a weird thing to do in your spare time