By KereKris - Netherlands
Today, I almost died. My friends dragged me unconcious, hypothermic and half-drowned out of the sea. A helicopter took me to the hospital where they brought me back to life. My family's reaction? "You aren't dying so we don't have to come to the hospital." They wouldn't even bring me clothes. FML
KereKris tells us more :
OP here. I guess this needs a follow-up. I was in a sailing boat with some friends and although there were big waves, the wind wasn't too strong so we thought it would be safe sailing. We were wrong about that. An exceptionally big wave came up from behind. The boat started surfing uncontrollably down from it and eventually flipped. I was caught by a rope and dragged under water. Fortunately I had a safety knife strapped to my leg so I could cut myself free but it took some time and I lost consciousness before I could make it up. My friends dragged up on the upturned hull of our boat because they were unable to flip it back. The tide was rising so the current pushed us close to the shore. In the surf we were trown off again and because of the waves it was too dangerous to approach the boat again so my friends swam to the shore, dragging me behind them. I regained consciousness for a while but passed out again as soon as we made it to the beach. Hope this answers all your questions.
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  cheeeksss  |  29

Siding with you, 24. I've never considered people my family just because we have the "same blood", you are only family to me if you treat me with respect, care, and love.
OP, at least your friends got you out and called for medical help. So hopefully your friends are more kind than your "family."

  iMuffinKat  |  16

I agree with 24 and 56. I hate it when my family uses the reason, "because we're family" for anything and everything when I asked why they did something wrong.

  remometol  |  16

You have no idea that's true.. Maybe OP is the one who skydived without a parachute into the sea (hypothetically) and they're the ones that deserve a better family.

  cheeeksss  |  29

Lol if you skydive into the ocean, you would be dead. Do you know how fast you'd hit the water jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air? And even if OP decided to do something risky with their life, why does that automatically conclude that the family deserves better? Interesting logic you got there.

  searchr999  |  14

You can choose those you treat like family. I don't deal with some of mine because they are just too bad. They won't even be notified if I am in the hospital. Some of my friends however. They have become my 'adopted' family.