By rob - 10/12/2010 07:29

Today, I admitted to my girlfriend that I'd kissed another girl five days before we got together. She told me, "That's OK, I slept with my boss last week." FML
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hkgirl89 8

break up with her...

well was that before u guys got together?


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swinger eh? I like that.

if she had time to eff his boss then she doesnt have a job for him to eff hers.

she 'effed' her own boss 6. you are welcome. 5-yes I love the swings. and wet slides.

your comments always make my days, thx fir keeping me entertained =]]

RedPillSucks 31

Stop it mamamiaaa. Now I'm all turned on by the "wet slide" comment. Only 7 more hrs of work. FML.

I'm mad I was effin blocked from this site for like a month but now my account back workin.... huh

43-thanks! 49-do you have a desk at work? problem solved.

You guys think that maybe they were in fact dating longer than a week? That's the fml. She slept with the boss while they were dating.

no shit sherlock

OH MY GOD. why did you put your face as your picture, only farmers like cows.

well was that before u guys got together?

iLoveMisaCampo 0

read the fml?

Ismellwin 0

Maybe they've only been together for a week!

Tis a mystery indeed...some of these FMLs leave room for imagination and thought, as they don't give enough information to begin with.

jckbco 0

these aren't stories, or requests for advice, people. They are fun little posts for an emotional release

basically b4 they went out, he kissed a girl. Now during there relationship the girl(that's a whore) edged her boss. So she cheated on him. Not so hard people.

I think edged sounded dirtier

grumpybarista 0

I like edged too. I'm using it

hkgirl89 8

break up with her...

Indeed. Btw - I love your "About Me" page.

You definitely need to break up with her! I can't believe you didn't say "my ex-girlfriend" in the post. And another thing, why would you need to "admit" that you kissed a girl BEFORE you began your relationship with your girlfriend? That's not a problem, you were single then. If she got upset about that, that's enough of a reason to break up with her already, even if she hadn't cheated on you.

Same here, break up with her.

hkgirl89 8

thank you dahklohd :)

It never said it was AFTER they began going out. And even then, sometimes you can work out a situation like this in relationships. However, if it was after and she has no remorse, yeah OP: dump her.

Eww Glee is the second worst show that ever exsisted, right behind Jersey Shore

i hope he doesn't have a laptop, walking around and letting the computer talk is more of a fml. hope he reads this!

Oops wrong fml

wassssssssom 0

hahhahahaha XD

NOo¡ Thats "puts on glasses" more of a win! YEEEAAAAAHH!

Glee is an awesome show, stuff you.

I see she's running for employee of the month. Maybe there's a nice bonus involved?

Meh. She probably swallowed the "bonus."

AceArctic 4

^Respect. interwebs high five?

Agreed with 34 and shes.working very hard to get you that gay glee set gold edition this year, maby you should fuck her boss to, THREESOME¡¡¡

The Dark Lord doesn't typically do that kind of thing...but since you have shown Him respect, He will make an exception for you.

AceArctic 4

*interwebs five* woohoo!

The circle is complete. At least she is a real career girl. ;-)

bswole 1

man up rob u cant let some cheatin bitch in your life

123e3 0