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By  mamamiaaa_fml  |  27

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  EZPZ  |  7

Tis a mystery indeed...some of these FMLs leave room for imagination and thought, as they don't give enough information to begin with.

  jsx12345  |  7

basically b4 they went out, he kissed a girl. Now during there relationship the girl(that's a whore) edged her boss. So she cheated on him. Not so hard people.

  my_user_name  |  18

You definitely need to break up with her! I can't believe you didn't say "my ex-girlfriend" in the post. And another thing, why would you need to "admit" that you kissed a girl BEFORE you began your relationship with your girlfriend? That's not a problem, you were single then. If she got upset about that, that's enough of a reason to break up with her already, even if she hadn't cheated on you.

  TheDrudgeChild  |  18

It never said it was AFTER they began going out. And even then, sometimes you can work out a situation like this in relationships. However, if it was after and she has no remorse, yeah OP: dump her.

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