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  EZPZ  |  0

Tis a mystery indeed...some of these FMLs leave room for imagination and thought, as they don't give enough information to begin with.

  jsx12345  |  0

basically b4 they went out, he kissed a girl. Now during there relationship the girl(that's a whore) edged her boss. So she cheated on him. Not so hard people.

  my_user_name  |  7

You definitely need to break up with her! I can't believe you didn't say "my ex-girlfriend" in the post. And another thing, why would you need to "admit" that you kissed a girl BEFORE you began your relationship with your girlfriend? That's not a problem, you were single then. If she got upset about that, that's enough of a reason to break up with her already, even if she hadn't cheated on you.


It never said it was AFTER they began going out. And even then, sometimes you can work out a situation like this in relationships.

However, if it was after and she has no remorse, yeah OP: dump her.