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Hey OP here. So yeah, I do agree it was a lazy stupid decision to go over that turd. Lesson definitely learned. As to YLS and YDI I think it's funny the two are running almost even. Although I mostly figured I'd share with you all for the grossout laugh.
By Furzball / Friday 27 May 2016 06:19 / United States - Wildomar
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  jkjorn  |  12

Not necessarily. I once got hit by a fossilized dog turd thrown by a lawnmower, it left a nice turd-sized bruise on my thigh. Hurt like hell and was pretty embarrassing to explain.

  Furzball  |  5

Didn't have to go out and buy anything luckily. Yeah I was grossed out about the poo up nose and used my bulb that is usually used to squirt/clean out my ears. Tossed it and getting a new one tonight.

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