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Today, I created a poster trying to raise self-harm awareness in teens for my school. They sent me to the counselor, suspended me, and recommended I go to therapy. FML
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SassyBasher tells us more.

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The poster was not offensive in any way, there were no triggering pictures, and the principal okayed it but apparently changed his mind at the last minute WITHOUT telling me. The reason I was trying to raise awareness is because I recently lost a close friend to suicide after she cut to deeply.

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What a joke, #86. This girl is trying to prevent those in need from killing themselves. Funding isn't going to open discussion for those who feel trapped, raising awareness will open discussion and peoples hearts. Grow up and stop trying to put down a noble cause.

It's shit like this that gets me pissed off about society these days. You try and do something good to promote the good in society, but end up getting bashed and punished for it.


Was the poster offensive?

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My guess is that the school didn't want to ruin its image by implying it has students who "harm" themselves, so OP was suspended for the school's purposes.

or OP used a Nickelback poster and the school didn't want to get sued....

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(DON'T) look at this photograph...

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Most likely the school was worried that OP was a cutter. Hence therapy and counseling. OP probably got suspended for refusing. Aggravating but schools get overprotective often.

Well, maybe OP used a picture of self-harm, and that could be considered offensive. Not saying they did, but it's still a possibility. And we won't really know unless they comment about it...

Why all the thumbs down? He has a point. All he did was to ask for clarification.

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How do you know there were pictures of her cutting her own arms?

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whoa whoa whoa lets not cut to the chase there doctor. *grabs his coat and hat and promptly excuses himself*

the **** is wrong with you two...cutting is not a joke for ***** sake. I lost a good friend to that.

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#26, some things just shouldn't be joked about, regardless of how "secure" YOU feel. Others may feel differently. If someone close to you lost his/her life to cutting, I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune.

I've lost a lot of people to a lot of things. But if you lose your sense of humour, you lose yourself. Bury me if you feel you must, but it only gets worse from here. And if you were really offended by my comment, then the comment section is not for you. That was tame compared to a lot of stuff here.

I understand their humor was pretty heartless, but seriously folks (and this includes you #20)... this is FML. If you're letting the posts on here cause you to become that irate, I'd highly suggest you quietly excused yourself from the internet. It doesn't get 'nicer', I promise.

I understand asking for a little "humility" from the both of you (this includes you #32) from the sense to crack a joke is a bit much. Excuse me because I am new to the world and forget the concept of consideration.

I cut too, and yes, it is serious. I wish I could stop but I can't. I'm disappointed with myself. Please stop making jokes about it, and terrible ones at that.

The hypocrisy here is ridiculous. No one bats an eyelid or complains when people make jokes about the Holocaust, but one very mild joke about cutting gets people all disgusted? Where are your ******* priorities, people.

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#42, once you've gotten into a hole, Doc, stop digging. Evidently, you've stepped into a minefield. You can stay and fight about it, or you can move on and write comments that would be appreciated on the next stories. This section has "comments deactivated" written all over it.

I went to school during the start of the emo phase. I got in shit with the principle for "stealing" a exacto knife for a art project and then "giving" it to my "friend" to cut herself in the lunch room (more like stole it and threatened to stab me if I didn't leave her alone). I have many stories about cutting but I'm over it. I wasn't offended in the least because of what doc said, it just wasn't really that funny. Google self harm and cutting it's gross you don't need to use your own photos there's more than enough out there trust me I made a magazine in English about it.

JMichael 25

Way to not care what people think of you. +1 respect.

Come on though, Doc. You really should be setting a better example. I know this is FML, that people should have a sense of humor etc. but would you joke with someone who came into your ER who was struggling with self-harm? No, you wouldn't. You don't know what kind of people are looking at the comments and joking about something so serious might give someone the idea that if they seek help, they're not going to be taken seriously or treated with compassion.

It's the internet, doc. Cutting is associated with the anti bullying movement. They wouldn't do anything to help those kids IRL, but they'll fight the good fight on the internet if they get +thumbs for it.

xXxGraveStonexXx 20

She said nothing about having pictures of any kind on her poster. I also don't see why the school would suspend her.. When my school found out I cut myself they just kinda ignored it and I had to go to the counselor every now and then.

Jesus Christ this has turned out to be an all out ******* comment war.

Doc, why not make a Holocaust joke now? Since clearly no one will care, According to your previous comment.

Well this turned into a very interesting discussion. Mission: accomplished. Even an admittedly bad comment, if it starts a good conversation, isn't all bad. So there.

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Cobra, stop being such a Hitler about it. And watch, as absolutely no people care at all. Not a one.

Cutting may be associated with the anti-bully movement, but those who cut rarely take their own lives by the blade. Cutting is a form of release and some view it as a way of "fixing" themselves. If they do end up commiting suicide it is usually by some other means. For those who "lose their lives" to cutting it is half the time an accident of cutting too deep and then not being able to get help in time. Some do it for attention, but for the most part it is a personal thing. Life is too short to not joke about everything at some point in time, I thought your comment was quite comical Doc.

I also used to cut a lot, still have scars even though it's been about six years. I thought Doc's joke was pretty clever and it didn't upset me. I understand that some people are sensitive and it could have offended them but seriously guys, you cant let jokes like this bother you. You will get eaten alive. Not to mention the FML comments section is so tame compared to a lot of other websites.

I cut myself once. I wasn't thinking. That razor blade was much sharper than I expected. I didn't wear shorts until the scars faded. I even got scolded by a friend. I felt stupid, but there was nothing I could do. I really should've taken off those tights before trying to cut them.

I never thought I'd live to see the day where Doc posted a comment that got downvoted by the community. His joke didn't trigger me, but I'm surprised that he got downvoted.

What. The. Fuck.

Counsellor. Suspension. Therapy. You're welcome.

sscookie 13

should have gotten it okayed by the principal before posting it

It's shit like this that gets me pissed off about society these days. You try and do something good to promote the good in society, but end up getting bashed and punished for it.

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No good deed goes unpunished. Cliché but true!

As opposed to the good old days where stuff like that didn't happen at all you mean?

Yessss... I agree #5

What exactly was on this poster? A graphic picture of someone harming themselves? I don't see how anything else could have got you in trouble.

I once put up an anti-bullying poster and the school suspended me for 'implied violence'. So I dunno, it could be as innocent as she makes it out to be.

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You heard wrong. People were just as concerned with suicide back then. But there wasn't a big "emo" craze then. Today there are songs and cultural ideas telling people it's not only okay to cut themselves, but that they need to in order to release intense emotion. People have been feeling bullied, mistreated, broken hearted, and just plain sad since the dawn of civilization, but today we're told it's too much to deal with. Cutters need to be told there are healthy ways to deal. Any reasons they have are moot: Bullies? You think black men/women in 50s America hurt themselves because they were picked on? No. They organized and fought for rights. People need to stop internalizing everything and get help.

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It might be because some people will look at the positive side of your poster and others at the negative side. Negative side is that they get the idea of self harm and start doing it on themselves. But OP, I'm really glad you tried and I'm sorry that your hard work went into waste.

caohm 18

Id recommend you show it to some friends first next time.....if there is a next time. Captain hindsight says this is another job well done.

Public schools: teach nothing offensive, upsetting or worthy of the real world. Damn PC bullshit!!