Hey guys, OP here, thanks for the comments! I know I deserve it, drunk me is an idiot, and I think that's the last time I'm going to get drunk for a while... until drunk me knows that my roommate's left! As for other traps, I also found out this morning that I had put some salt in the sugar (which was discovered after taking a sip of coffee), and vaseline or something like that on the bathroom doorknob. Hopefully those are it, but I have a feeling that there's going to be more. My roommate moved out because he's moved to Ireland to be closer to his family, as he's been in England for about a year and a half but prefers Ireland. While he was here, we used to play pranks on each other a lot, but usually practical jokes like whoopee cushions or fake spiders in the other's bed. To be honest, it's a shame I didn't do this prank while he was still here! Thanks for all those who commented/voted on it. No feeling like knowing your fails are public ;D

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I can now see why

You sound like an entertaining drunk.


I can now see why

It all started with "I was drinking tequila when..."

Next time trap things before hand to prevent you from doing stupid things

Damn, I hope I'm not that forgetful when I'm drunk.

I can wait for all the subsequent fmls...

It's a thing called state congruent memory, meaning you're more likely to remember your drunken mishaps while drunk.

So never sober up, and you won't forget the night? Sounds just illogical enough to actually work!

If you set extra traps, I think the next few days could be quite interesting...

Almost as bad as glitter.

lol well then... hopefully you remember em all or you'll here a few times bc of booby traps.

Damn, karma didn't take any time going to work

Next time you set up booby traps, at least make sure you're sober so you don't forget that you set them.

I'm not even concerned that he forgot he set them. I'm more worried about the fact that he forgot his roommate moved out.

FYL for dropping the flour on your head, but ydi for the rest.