By crushed - 30/11/2010 17:46 - United States

Today, I found out my girlfriend had sex with three different guys in one day. All at a party. A party that I was at. FML
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Hundii 0

*****! You should dump her. Might have an std


agreed! my ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend banged 5 guys once after their high school graduation for a graduation present...sick

KiddNYC1O 20

I disagree, 69. If one's significant other has to be watched in order to make sure that he or she never cheats, then he or she should not be with a girl- or boyfriend.

Ryryz 0

What ever happened to trust being a key ingredient in a relationship? Shouldn't have to watch over someone every 3secs of their life. :P

I agree with you to an extent, I feel a girlfriend should be watched carefully at a party, but not to make sure she's not sneaking off to bang someone else, I watch my girlfriend closely to make sure she's safe. It's a messed up world and they need watching.

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but calculus tends to confuse me, so I stopped eating French fries after 8 am

that's exactly why muffins make good rocket fuel!

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Not all girls are the same. Move on you'll find someone better bro.

your ex boyfriends ex girlfriend? so you?

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Drug the bitch via "roofie", and **** the shit out of her with a bat. That will teach her a lesson. Bitch has it coming.

CaptSkippy 9

but if u care about them, then u want to know where they are at

from what I know if a girl wants to deep around regardless how much you watched her.

gotta love that dirty, drunken party sex. the skanks be all up into that shittttttt.

zkchild 0

She's not a girl any more, she's a women.

boopity, NO ONE disagrees with 69. ;) |the kid|

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**** and btw where was that party

W-H-O-R-E what does that spell ur ex ( hopefully ) :D

ipeal2 7

apparently if she banged 3 guys in one night!

Hundii 0

*****! You should dump her. Might have an std

what coochie parties in pensylvania... stay in pensylvania (if your offended by this, u have STDs to tend to) =p

How do you not realize your girlfriend leaving with another guy? Hey, I'm just going to the bathroom with Matt. I'll only be 20 minutes

Sun_Kissed18 25

Well I think she sounds lovely! *coughwhorecough*

XxFallenbladexX 0

Where were you? sleeping? or keeping an eye on your ****.

KingDingALing 9

Go **** other girls, record it, give her the tape, let her watch it, and then dump her.

Tired of the double standards. Get out of the dark ages.

#9 So someone is "in the Dark Ages" if you commit yourself to one person? I fail to see the logic behind that. If a couple has an agreement that it's an open relationship, that's okay. I have no problems with that. But, in this particular case, I'm guessing that OP and his girlfriend had an agreement to be monogamous. And, seeing as how he seems so put out about his girlfriend sleeping with other guys, OP has likely been faithful to her.

You are allowing yourself to get to worked over a post that has no clear meaning. Sometimes when you feel a post is full of ignorance and whatnot, it is best to just walk away instead of wasting time trying to argue with them This is the case, far as I'm concerned #9 is the equivalent of a shit-tier troll and ought to be disregarded as such.

FYLDeep 25

I don't see any double standards. Doesn't look like he expected her to behave in any way that he wouldn't. And I have no idea what the dark ages part is supposed to mean.

nine, shut the **** up. no one would be any less outraged or whatever if it was a girl saying her boyfriend slept with 3 different girls at a party. it's ******* disgusting. and i think it did have a clear meaning

xFalzz 0

*Inserts a dumb blonde joke towards #9 here*

#9 was probably thinking that people are calling her a ***** for sleeping with 3 guys, not for cheating. She must be a blonde.

#27 I wasn't "worked up." I was merely stating my opinion. I know it's hard to detect tone via text, but my feathers weren't all ruffled over #9's comment.

Sun_Kissed18 25

#9, I'm pretty sure if the genders were reversed, we would be saying the same exact thing. It's never ok to cheat on a significant other; therefore, there are no double standards

Yes, I do say so. :P I don't take any troll-ish comments seriously, but I do find pleasure in stating my own opinion.

I've waited so long to use this new picture!

idkmyusername 0

you guys obviously missed the point. they meant that they are tired of the comments and how the people who are posting the comments have double standard views.

aadk 0

#9, yes, there are double standards, but think of this way: if a key can open many locks, it's a master key, but if a lock can be opened by many keys, then it's a shitty lock. Think about it... :) haha

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yazmi_09 3

140 I'm pretty sure your key couldn't open any locks, so you shouldn't be talking lol

Dude... She told us she was "unattached". We are strict followers of the 'Bro-Code'

Bro-Code is the best book ever written man. follow it and ur good for life

You're just jealous 'cause you didn't get any that night,

amazinggbaby 2

And because that's his girlfriend. Immaturity makes you look so intelligent.

Why would someone even want to be mature on FML? GTFO with your pseudo-sophistication bullshit.

What a gyp, I can't thumb down/up your post. You may be a moderator but still...

We need to be able to "thumbs-up" mods' comments. Edit: Derp, someone beat me to the same comment.

Oh hell yea he's serious! :D y wat wrng Sirin?