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By oops999 - 19/11/2013 19:46 - United States - Downingtown

Today, my girlfriend and I were going to have sex. To set the mood, she suggested we watch a porno she once starred in. FML
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The fact that she suggested it to you makes me laugh. She must be pretty proud of her performance...


So remember, the next time you're watching ****, you can think, "Hey, that might really be my future girlfriend."

Considering OP's username, I don't think he's too happy about this.

Why would he be happy??? That's so trashy. Only losers and assholes go for that kind of stuff.

The fact that she suggested it to you makes me laugh. She must be pretty proud of her performance...

Is she a narcissist? Turned on by herself?

"Go **** yourself!" "Wouldn't mind, actually…"

Why don't you tell her you'd rather participate in a new one rather than watch an old one.

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Another thread got moderated and removed and some how my reply to them ended up here sorry #4!

Plus I HIGHLY doubt he wants to watch a video of someone else banging her.

It would have been a lot weirder if it was like some pornos and this time the dad was giving it to the sons gf

I don't see how this is an FML tbh...

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Some may find the news the 'sweet innocent girl' they have been dating is, well, a ***** upsetting. Not everyone wants a town bike.

That's not really what I mean. I was continuing what the others were saying above with their 'not bad' comments about sex with a pornstar. Lol.

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Yes and I merely pointed out the fyl side of it.

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She must likes to watch herself.

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As long as it isn't "Backdoor ***** 9" OP should be fine.

What about Fist Club? (butt you'll never know because First rule ...

#42 I saw the picture right as I pressed the back button, and had to come back to look closer, and indeed it is the 10th Doctor! Love it :)

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I finish backdoor ***** 9 :)

That's a pretty weird way to admit to being a pornstar star xD

I'm thinking she is really quite proud of herself and wants OP to be impressed as well.

There's actually a good way to tell someone that you're a **** star?

New idea. Lets film a better one and then do a round two while watching it.

This guys got the right idea. Damn. Why didn't I think of that?

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Unless its some freaky BDSM or bondage crap I see no problem with this, carry on. Bygones will be bygones.

Excuse you, but some people like the freakier side..

What's wrong with that? People like different things..

Just because you don't see a problem with it doesn't mean OP doesn't.

I said "hey babe, take a walk on the wild side…"

The awesome part is that two scenes from HIMYM apply here: a) Robin likes to watch herself on the TV while she's getting busy. b) Barney taught Ted to never, ever turn down a pornstar.

Lol true. Barney is the best of all. Although, I've lost interest in the last season :/

You dumped a **** star?! FRIENDSHIP OVER!!!

This can't be Barney: Baney would never consider this and FML. The exact opposite, actually. He'd be loving it.

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I need this link... For educational reasons:3