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Today, my boyfriend was going down on me. I started to moan right when I was about to climax. He got worried, stopped and asked, "Are you okay?!" FML
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oh maan,weell at least he cares

gosh, he cares. you fucking bitch.


AwesomessMaximus 4

I believe she deserves this as she probably had a demented moan, which caused the dude to stop.

JacksonCampbell 9

Maybe because that's the word you're supposed to use?

jrsgreenfire257 0

87 has never had sex ^_^

147 no climax is the right word. lol. but aw you're sweet. I'll give you a break :D if anyone on this thread tries to mess with Mimi about anything I will poor boiling macaroni on your face -.-

testthecoal 5

Om Nom Nom macaroni!

chlorinegreen 27

Mimi your 18 and you don't know about climax's and sex? I mean you could use orgasm if that makes you feel better. and not trying to be rude. no boiling water in my face is needed here.

*puts down boiling macaroni*

actually 152, it's macaroni. she's going to pour boiling macaroni on your face. just thought I'd establish that.

155 my partner in crime... thank you.

BT14 5

or u can use bust a nut

Wirebiter 0

If you honestly think "I'm going to climax!" is the right thing to say in real life, then you've never had sex.

I prefer boiling macaroni. thank you for your suggestion , Mr. picture-of-the-back-of-someone's-head-dude :D

170, *picks up boiling macaroni and sloshes it on 170* we clarified that earlier on in the thread -.-

170, *picks up boiling macaroni and sloshes it on 170* we clarified that earlier on in the thread -.-

(not a mean person) well its way better than orgasm

All I read was macaroni... where is it?

I just didn't want to offend u -.-

188 thank you, you were considerate :) *puts boiling macaroni down*

You could say 'cum'.

I've had sex it was funny at first first then it got better

Sex and macaroni, best conversation ever

actually 192 I prefer climax then 'cum' it sounds classier maybe it's just me

198 good :) *puts boiling macaroni on stove to simmer for later*.

Kevinzzz 0

217 I love how macaroni is ur weapon of choice lol

persianjr1 7

you guys don't know how loud I laughed in public reading this chain of comments. lol

225 why did you laugh? just a normal conversation about sex and macaroni and yes macaroni is always my weapon of choice :D

Kevinzzz 0

225, I agree lmfao

229 I really want some macaroni

233 *pics up boiling macaroni and sloshes it all over 233* there is no 229 on this thread -_-

persianjr1 7

this is why you one of my favs. lol

241 I just re-read this whole thread.... I laughed so hard.. I think some of us have obsessions with macaroni

I'm sorry it's so late I'm not sure how I read 229 lol but Mmmmmm this is damn good macaroni

243 -.- how can you eat it when it burned all your skin off.. I believed I mentioned once or twice that it was boiling.. -.- hmph. missbunny is not happy -.- not in the least

Bofopio 0

I agree with u

*looks around room* not sure who your comment is aimed at 245... but pull up a chair and have some macaroni :D it cooled off after being sloshed on so many people's skin .

Prankster7o7 5

I like how MissBunny is like the denmother of FML, she tears up anyone who's mean or disrespectful. :D

248 little boy, :') you've made me so happy. give momma bunny a hug *hug*

Prankster7o7 5

Hahaha, thanks for the huh, but I'm not little, unless your idea of little is 5'5 and 161 lbs of muscle. Wait 5'5 is little for my age. FML. :/

250 stand back -.- I'll defend you from these trolls on here.. it's my job as "denmother" Grrrrr >:(

Prankster7o7 5

I got your back! *loads shotgun* Where are these mothers at?!?

252, I hear most mothers hang out in kitchens and TJ Maxx's.. -.- *puts macaroni on a low boil*

Prankster7o7 5

Looks like we're the best team for the job. We're gonna need more firepower. *loads assault rifle.*

*puts macaroni on high* let's do this -.-

I'm in shock that this hasn't been moderated yet lmao

257 dude I know :0 I kinda hope they don't clear it... it's so funny :(

Prankster7o7 5

*plays hardcore rock music* Let get this done.

*puts on Dora the explorer* I'm pumped.

While I applaud your steadfast resolve in the face of tyranny and injustice, let's try to keep the threads at a reasonable size in future. Nice macaroni though, nom nom. :-)

hahaha okay :) sorry sirin. :D

This is one of the saddest chain of comments in FML history...

Haha sheesh. That's the longest thread I've ever read on FML.

Prankster7o7 5

Hahaha. :D

MissBunny is officially my fave. xD /random jump in.

MissBunny is officially my fave. Yay!:3 /random walk in.

283, you're my favorite for saying that :D have some macaroni, Deary :D.

Haha, everyone loves you on FML. You're like...... famous:)

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* grabs popcorn* please go on

:'0 really? <3 I can now die happy... <3

gustavov60 0

*grabs popcorn* go on

290 idk if you caught on or not but clearly we're all eating macaroni here -.- *grabs popcorn out of 290's hands and chucks it farther than a woodchuck could chuck wood if it could*

Yes really :) But if you died, Everyone would be at your funeral, putting macaroni on your grave!

Prankster7o7 5

and flowers. :)

295, my God... that is so sweet :'D

I know, I'd make everyone make it extra cheesy for you. And yes, flowers and chocolate. But I would eat the chocolate, so never mind...

I was reading comments and forgot about what this FML is about.. =/

Prankster7o7 5

I want some chocolate now too. :/

303 it's about macaroni and aww! thanks y'all :D.

Macaroni are overrated. Period.

Psssh. I always want chocolate. :)

Prankster7o7 5

I'll buy some chocolate and we can share it, along with several boxes of macaroni.

gustavov60 0

popcorn with cheese on it?

xthetisx 0

You'll live

Agreed. Quit bitching and try not sounding like you're in distress when you're having an orgasm.

Also, you're the one getting oral sex to the point of orgasm, so again, quit bitching.

awww cute Pikachu kitty ^^ I love cats :D

agreed ur the one having sex while I'm boy friendless lucky quit bitching

TinyDude 10

lols op suffers frkm premature climax

Aren't Pikachus supposed to be mice?

Gondile 4

I thought they were dolphins.

Wrong, they're jellyfishes.

Gondile 4

Don't you correct me!

133 awww love your pic.

mayoral26 0

lmao it prolly sounded like you were dying instead of climaxing lmao !! the fact that he got you to the point of almost climaxing with oral sex means he at least knows what he is doing and had prolly hear an orgasm before, so again definitely your own fault...

mayoral26 0


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I'm 15 and I can make my gf climax with oral, it's not that hard guys. And don't complain, your vag isn't a place many guys dream of licking .

angiedancesalott 8

409. lmfao your cool. ur only like a month older then me, and you act like your the only 15 year old that gets some. cuuuuuute.

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agree 328

isn't sad that you know that?

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How do you cange your profile picture on an iPod?

boringday123 7

How is this a FML? He just cares for you.

KatherineAnne 7

First off, 409, there are alot of guys who really enjoy going down on a girl. Second, I'd be severely annoyed if I was that close. It's rather frustrating.

Google it; don't randomly ask on a post. . . .

oh maan,weell at least he cares

^_^ that's sweet of him, and it coulda been worse, at least he didn't laugh at you or be a dick about it or something :) <3

Yeah exactly. I mean you can't blame the guy for caring and making sure you were comfortable. I'm sure he'll get it right the next time ;). haha

antsinmypants199 0

Awwww honestly that is super sweet. It may have been his first time, or she sounded weird, but either way how nice of him to check :D

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Oh come on, guys. You can't see how that could be frustrating! She was almost going to have an orgasm and then BAM! the feeling's gone. That kind of sucks. Just a little bit.

Yeah the moment was taken away a bit, because he was a bit concerned and wanted to make sure she was fine. I've had someone stop and ask if I was ok but it wasn't an FML. It might be a bit frustrating because you're almost there, but it's not really hard to get there again. I think he was concerned because she didnt make any noise until then (she said she started moaning when she was getting close and it made him stop). When she started to moan he wasnt expecting it and thought it meant something was wrong. If you don't want him to be startled just make a bit of noise throughout rather than just at the end and he'll know you're just enjoying yourself. If you're silent maybe he thought you weren't enjoying it and wanted him to stop.

SomeRussianGirl 3

Awww that's cute, Why are you complaining …

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fucking moron

oh man your dp is amazing

xojessayox 4

372's picture is hott.

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Sorry your bf is such a fail

Yeah, he's fail cause he's giving his girlfriend an orgasm. ???

valid point 79 i mean its hard to do that

jrsgreenfire257 0

Atleast the OP can get downed ^_•

For some guys, yeah.

wait wait wait ... let me get this straight. The boyfriend is so good at what he does that the girlfriend is moaning sufficiently at the point of orgasm to create concern, and the boyfriend is ALSO sufficiently caring to stop in consideration of her... and he is FAIL?? No no, 79 is right. Great guy. And I'm sure after the girlfriend said, "no no, I'm fine, keep going" everything was peachy. He's still good with his tongue and still a nice guy. So what if one orgasm (of many) got needlessly interrupted?

First off, that was probably better. I love those that keep on going. That jus means when he gets you over the top again, it'll be that much more powerful.

CabooseT13 0

well now he knows better and it will be great from now on

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6, your default pic is a pic of one of my friends on myspace!!!!

SmallyBigs 9

People use myspace?

Prankster7o7 5

What the hell is Myspace? :P

SmallyBigs 9

I think it's an ad for storage

No myspace is somebody says to people like: Get Out My Space! Bitch

SmallyBigs 9

No no no. it's something like "Tom cried because Facebook needed internet room so he yelled "THEY'RE TAKING MY SPACE!"... bitch.

I thought I put MySpace up for sale by now.

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rofl at your pic.. I did notice Nintendo first haha

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rofl at your pic, tubby

danielreader22 4


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gosh, he cares. you fucking bitch.

I agree he was worried it hurt her

I don't get why people are calling her a bitch. I didn't hear anything about a female dog in this?

I don't understand why she's calling her that either.

TheDrifter 23

59, I'll assume for the moment they know her and are either referring to her particular wet dog odor or her father's particular sexual fetish and inferencing that to her parentage.

ctlnaaia71 8

hurt her? with his tongue??? lmfao!!!!!

wow shah your the bitch

luke1998 0

94 u are a hoe

320 Why is some nine-year-old trying to insult you?

because shes complaining but the guy was just making sure she was ok. I did the same thing my first time. then again..she actually was in pain..."pop!" hehe

matt1990 0

@337.. ur like what, 8? trippin.

RedPillSucks 31

@214, He could have been using his teeth, or perhaps he had braces. Newbies sometimes are awkward with oral sex. He didn't want to be involved in female circumcision.

cptmorgan15 2

This is all funny.

314 WTF ? how dare you go randomly calling people hoes when you don't even know them. go back and drink your milk or no dessert after dinner, young man! -.-

antsinmypants199 0

lol 378 you always make my day :D

383 *gasp* do I? I'm flattered *blush* thank you. :D

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314 you're just mad cuz you cant get a girl hot enough as 320.

Thanks, haha.... That's my brother though lol.

luke1998 0

335shes my sister u dumb ass so stay out of my buisness

luke1998 0

bunny shes my sis i do no her dumb ass

424 haha sarcasm, little man! sorry! since you two are related I'll be nice to you :D

I don't men to be an ass but here i go, why did u say "gosh" then immediately say "fucking" and "bitch"

420 & 423 I'm sorry I didn't know I'll back off sorry.

Nawh. It's alright. It's not like you would have just knew that we were related, don't worry about it(:

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luke1998 0

434 its ok

xdannyx117x 0

320 jealous of how hot she is I guess

xdannyx117x 0

haha u got 420

kittykat1501 31

59 win!!!

sammmiejo10101 2

damn. that sucks.

fyl teach him about it then

shakethat 10

haha. gross!

is your picture of 2 girls or a guy and a girl??

Why does it matter?

just wondering I like to look at peoples pictures

iloveboyswittats 10

it looks like they're eating each other's faces instead of kissing

kingtz 6

#57, it's a picture of two girls...and a cup, which is hidden in the background.

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lmao! niicceee