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  MnBran6  |  0

51- I just stay up on my laptop with the brightness down after my curfew...

55- learn to spell, learn to compliment a woman, learn to reply correctly, and stop being so desperate while you're at it.
(Says myself, a thirteen year old boy )

  TNB_xACiDiC  |  0

LOL you seriously have an english problem with too much commas. hahaha! Hes not complimenting her, hes making a statement which so happens to be true. :) she is really pretty i agree but your right he should use better words next time:p
"Fuck" has only one meaning and its a sexual meaning. Bahahhah:)

  tweetbaby14  |  17

51 everyone under the legal age of adulthood, here it's 18, has a curfew. if you are caught out after curfew by a cop, without parental supervision, he will take you to a nice little jail cell to wait in as he calls your parents. you mean bed time not curfew

  mak3_1t_ra1n  |  0

u guys need to understand the difference between bedtime and curfew. I believe it is accurately portrayed above. past curfew=cops. past bedtime=pissy parents. big difference. and 108, idk, If u think about it, "fuck" is pretty sexy.

  KupkakeKitten  |  8

I also live in a VERY small town, so if I'm on the streets past 7:45 in the CITY, than that's a big "no no!" unless I'm inside, like a movie theater, and someone picks me up inside
if course this is non school nights, cuz if it's a school night I hav to go to bed at 10....

  LilAngell  |  0

#3 Lookss Hiqh Cuzz Herr Pupilss Aree Hugeee... Juss Sayinn Cuzz Everyonee Talkingg Boutt Herr... Anywayy... I'm 12, Myy Curfew Iss 11 PM & iCann 0nlyy Goo Outt Iff I'm Att Leastt Wifft 1 0therr Friendd...

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

Well, who set that curfew? Because that's probably critical in understanding why you have it.
And does it mean that you have to be in bed, or just home? Because the latter isn't too bad.

  Cinn_fml  |  22

babyyyyyy, what I meant was that if it was given by his parents, it's because he still lives there. For whatever reasons, be them economical, or laziness. Or it might be a dorm thing, which some universities still have, and therefore it won't just be him. Or it might be a partner imposed thing, which could be due to him pissing them off.
Breenntt, I am aware of what curfew means. Just because I'm from the UK, does not mean I'm ignorant to American words or spellings. Also, I wasn't aware curfew was an American word, so I'm actually confused by your comment more than the FML.

By  ImaCanuck  |  0

Not everyone has the money to move out, he might be in school or looking for a job it's hard to find one these days. or he might just be lazy fyl and ydi.