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  starile  |  19

If this actually bothered you, give him reason to hold his breath. Fart in his face.

However, I can't believe you're whining about your bf going down on you despite your smelly pussy. It's a sign of LOVE, you prick!

By  cajekraze  |  7

Sounds like he was trying to be cute. Don't be a bitch, loosen up and laugh. If this was because he didn't know what to do, guide him, teach him to get you off. just don't be whiny about it, try not to be a bitch, and enjoy life. f your bf's life for putting up with you

  CatEyes66  |  0

it sounds like he doesn't like the smell of her. it is still an insult even though he was trying to be cute. How can you guide someone through oral if they can't even handle the smell.

  EZPZ  |  0

Tis the murky Pacific mates. Full of evil and mystery, home of the great sea beast, Kraken. We all must venture through. I'm not going to lie to you men, most of us won't be making it out alive. But for those lucky few...those CHOSEN few...I bid thee a most fruitful life... :)

By  LasAranas  |  0

...Jeez, men are idiots sometimes. It was just a stupid joke.

However you are now perfectly within your rights to bring a magnifying glass to his crotch "to help find it" next time you go down on him.