By Brotherssuckkk - 18/01/2010 20:04 - France

Today, my mom asked me to clean beneath my brother's bed for money. I found a rotten apple, a picture of my best friend, and a dead bird. I got $10. FML
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Future_Mrs_Voltz 0

why did you want more than $10? all you did was grab three things

nandonando 0

is your friend hot?


nandonando 0

is your friend hot?

If yes: Is she naked?

what the he'll is wrong with your brother? is he like frigfen mentally handicapped or something like seriously.

can I keep the photo?

What if OP is a guy?

A dead bird....?

Future_Mrs_Voltz 0

why did you want more than $10? all you did was grab three things

plus she got a free meal and a picture of her friend so she can frame it on her room

Look, you have dinner and decorations.

haha #3 bitchhh

MrC19 0

this isn't really a fml

PunxsatownyPhil 0

She/he had to pull a dead bird out from under a bed.

it doesn't even end with FML

rachexl 0

great job mods... no FML?

Sorry, accidental backspace! >_>

Nic_hole 0

hahaha #3 lolz, dang..xD

HeresReality 0

you get $10, this isn't an fml

You shouldn't have even got $10 Just think of what kids in Chinese sweatshops have to do for $10

Unless I read this wrong, he isn't in a Chinese sweatshop. Hence, your point is moot. This is not an FML. You got $10 and a prank prop.

He just did a lot more work then some people do for ten dollars...especially if the bird had been there a while.

Kids in Chinese sweatshops don't do anything for ten dollars. China doesn't use USD currency. (This is a joke.)

gobbledegook 0

wow this isn't an fml, who moderated this?

About 500 of your peers, me included. You called?

iBlazer 0

FML's get worse by the day. Today, I had to pick up a rotten apple. I only got paid $10 for it. FML. Give me a break.

plus the picture and the DEAD BIRD. jeez