By Anonymous - 24/08/2013 22:31 - Isle of Man - Douglas

Today, my boyfriend and I were getting intimate. As I started getting close to having my first ever orgasm, I got extremely short of breath and started hyperventilating. His reaction was to cover my mouth to shut me up. FML
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This isn't a criticism of you, but it really blows my mind whenever I hear a girl talk about sex and her "first ******." The idea that you can get to sexual activity without ever masturbating is just crazy weird to me. Love thyself first and you won't be so dependent on jerky boys. You deserve better.


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If those are what your jitters are like, remind me to never have sexual relations with you

So you were thinking about it @#35? 0.o

There's a tough crowd for this fml's comments, it appears

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Jesus.. Babies having sex!? What has this world come to!? And I thought teenagers were bad, it's really the toddlers you gotta watch out for.

Have you realized that every comment you post gets so many negative comments that you have to tap to see it?? Maybe you should look at what your putting BEFORE you send it. Js.

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Didn't want the mood to be ruined obviously

Lol. He prolly didn't know and thought that she making those noises were annoying.

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You should've just left then and there honestly..

I think that more than leaving, at that moment she just wanted to come.

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lol at least you were enjoyin it

At least he didn't just stop and ruin the moment! What are you complaining for?

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39 - We're not. It's just that "I WAS BEING SARCASTIC, DUH" is most people's go-to defence when the thumbs down start rolling in.

I have never said that I was just being sarcastic. I accept my thumbs down like a big boy. As for the OP next time just before he comes choke his ass. Let the downwards thumbs begin

Wizardo 33

Should have tried to tell him you were close as hard as it may have been...

It would have been worse if he suddenly shoved his dong in your mouth!

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Uhm.. No it wouldn't, they were already having consensual sex, why would that suddenly turn it to rape..?

RedPillSucks 31

because you can't say "no" if you've got a dick in your mouth?

Very sensitive of him!! What a *** bag!

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I reckon fuckclump sounds a little better no?

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