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Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend. As soon as I began to climax, he started repeatedly asking, "Are you done? Are you done yet? Are you done?" Well, NOW I am. Thanks, honey. FML
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I'm speaking for many women here, but at least you get to reach CLOSE to an ******...

Wow, what a generous guy. I bet he also offers to finish your fries before you're done with them. You know, out of the goodness of his heart.


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54- that may be the single most miserable attempt at a joke in the history of mankind. Bow your head in shame

I used to have sex, then I got an arrow to the knee.

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Has no one thought maybe he was trying to be considerate

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How is anything that has to do with sex boring??Give me 2 reasons.Pregnancy and diseases do NOT count.

I'm speaking for many women here, but at least you get to reach CLOSE to an ******...

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Your guy not getting you off? If you haven't talked to him about it or shown him what you like, then it is your fault.

At the moment it's not the case, 20, but I've been with several guys who don't understand anything other than their own satisfaction, regardless of how much you make them aware of your unhappiness with the situation. That's why they're all exes now!

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32, after you made that point, I scrolled up and read the fml with a lisp and it became way funnier to me. Thanks!

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I make myself ******, actually. I think thoughts that turn me on and in no time it happens. My BF might feel slightly used though.... :|

I find that I reach ****** usually at the same time my boyfriend does... We don't last long, haha.

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94 nothing wrong with that as long as yous both do it. OP youll know when shes done lol

Wow, what a generous guy. I bet he also offers to finish your fries before you're done with them. You know, out of the goodness of his heart.

Or maybe he's just hungry, and not for fish tacos. Sandwiches don't make themselves.

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29- well obviously in this case, yes, sandwiches are better than sex

Wow what a douche. Keep asking him if he's done, that should bug him.

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Actually, that sounds exactly like what might have been happening. Think about it for a few minutes.

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I clicked on your profile because I liked your picture... Your life obviously doesn't suck of only 3 got published.... I'm Scottish too! You seem nice... Your very pretty from what I've seen and have a nice personality... I'm trying to hit on you just telling you my opinion... I love food too... I would emailing but you might think it as creepy if some random guy emailed you out if nowhere... Just read your profile and thought I'd tell you what I thought....

97 - I hereby ban you from using ellipsis marks for two months. Cut that shit out.

while we all could assume its 'cause your boring, I'm willing to bet it's really because he's immature. On the bright side, this makes it perfectly acceptable for you to cheat on him. (Today's adolescent males are quite possibly more useless than all those before them, so it's not as if they have 'feelings' or deserve to be treated with respect)

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I'm hoping your comment was thickly ladeled with sarcasm. Otherwise, cheating on him because he decided to be a douche and stunt her climax isn't an exception. It's WAY more fun to plot and carry out revenge, lol.

Horrorfreaknj, it seems the idiocy of Jersey Shore is rubbing off on you and caused you to completely lose your ******* mind. There isn't a single thing in your comment with which I agree.

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8 is a f$&@ing bitch I bet she cheats on guys all the time you ska?kÿ whœr

I really didn't expect anyone to agree with it. Nor do I expect anyone to agree with my idea for my "No Child Left Alive" Policy which encourages people to stop making excuses for the socially akward young men of this generation (never before has a generation been so useless & expendable) & instead encourages people to let the kids kill themselves. Harsh ? Perhaps ...

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Well, now you know to not go on a long car trip with him! My dirty talk is: "Is this real or fake? Real or Fake? Real or Fake?" It's not working out so good. Curiosity kills the cat . . . and the pussy.

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Or..go on the trip and totally ruin it with nonstop talking.

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Clever, cause cats are pussys ha

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Well... if I were you, next time you two are doing the dirty... right as he's about to climax, hop off and go make yourself a sandwich. Upon returning, ask if he's done yet. Perhaps that'll begin to get the point across.

Don't make a sandwich for him though. Men who cannot (or do not) please women do not deserve sandwiches!

He could just use his right hand for the remainder of the time. Or left. Either way.

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That would have just put me right off and then I will be pissed at him by calling him little wille

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