By Anonymous - 08/11/2011 23:33 - United States

Today, I was driving home from work with the window down. I felt what I thought was rain coming through the window, until I looked over and realized it was urine mist coming from the cattle truck next to me. FML
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It could have been worse you know. Cow poop is a bitch to dry clean.

And how in the hell does one find that^ out, deviable!?? Hmmm..

I bet you were pissed! And urine your car, so can't even take a shower (except a golden one)!

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33 you my friend deserve a cookie. Don't let that bitch eat this one.

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Guess you had a nice golden shower.

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Aww WTF, no one should ever get misted with cattle piss.

Sounds like urine a bad place at the wrong time ;)

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HA I PEE WHAT U DID THERE!!!haha I'm so lame :)

Wouldnt you see rain on your windshield too?

But then we would all be drinking cow piss D:

Well, honey is just bee vomit, and milk is modified sweat. I don't see what the problem is.

Milk is the nutrition for the babies which we produce as well it's not modified sweat all mammals produce milk.

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No it's not! That's from a large bottle of water, the owner of which simply passed out before managing to refasten the cap.


ok. I give up telling you to STFU. I've only done it like 10 times.

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Cow could you not have noticed sooner, I mean it was a sunny day. That was a stretch... Lol

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who suspects that your getting pissed on, my first thought would be it's rain!

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#11 where does it say it was a sunny day?

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The same way I know when they looked over they made this face >:0 And then got piss in their mouth... the power of imagination!