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Today, I went on a date, the first one I've been on since my last boyfriend broke up with me 6 months ago. We were at a restaurant, and at the end of meal he insisted on paying the bill. He wanted to leave a 15% tip but couldn't work out in his head how much to leave. The bill was for £100. FML
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That isn't that bad. Atleast he wasn't making you pay :)

be glad someone spent $100 on a first date for you, when it's just a dinner.


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They're obviously in the US...

it shows that the OP is from London which is obviously not in the US..

5 is stupid. the ops name says from the uk

$100 is around £50-£60 in the UK, ( I think).

£ is almost equal to $. Euros have a bit of a higher value. Oh and 20% percent is usually a good tip. Maybe you had bad service, just saying though.

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What're the odds of it being exactly 100 dollars? Were you on a date with Monk? :P Op, stupidity is sexy! getchu someee(:

hold on , here... he took you to a restaurant, paid, and spent his gas money on you (most likely) , an you're whining cause he can't do simple math? wow I feel bad for him. youre being so critical of the dude.. give him a break!

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maybe he was just nervous after all it was the first date and he did good overall... what a whining bitch

188 that wasn't the point of 178's comment. calm yourself

Don't be so judgmental, he was obviously nervous and didn't want to make a mistake. My boyfriend isn't the most smartest boy buy I still appreciate the fact that he tries:)

199 It also doesnt seem like your the most smartest

hey it took me a minute to figure it out too

I agree with MissBunny, you had someone pay for everything and show you a good time, I don't see how this is so horrible... "Oh no I went out with someone and he paid for everything!! T_T I'm posting this on FML" =

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don't be to rough on him? no. isn't that why our whole generation is ******* stupid just like this huge retard, don't go easy on idiots. push people to be smarter. (btw nerves shouldn't effect how well you find 15 percent of 100)

The price of living is much more than that of North America in England. That's still an expensive meal though, especially for a first date.

245 yeah I feel you on that . still, this guy was really sweet to her. (so it seems) You dont realize how rare that actually is these days. whether it's a girl being sweet or a guy.

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248. that's not fair. stereotypes like that make it hard for guys to get girls to like us. it takes so much now adays to convince a girl that I'm a decent guy. (or I try to be) :D

If I were him I prolly would have skipped looking like an idiot trying to do simple math and gave the waitress like $200. If he's that well off to just drop 160 on a first date, then I don't see an issue with him tipping a little better to save some humiliation. Just my 2c ;P

254, I wasn't meaning to stereotype! I hate stereotypes .. my apologies D: let me say this, based on my experience with the males, it's rare to find a sweetheart who would do that for me :D there we go. no stereotyping :D

257 nah bro I was using the Dollar currency, so on a $160 bill that would be like just over 15 bucks extra after a 15% tip. I guess it wouldn't be a 15% tip then though right? Wow I'm tired.

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I like MissBunny since I'm a bunny too! My Counterstrike name is FluffyBunny but MissBunny sounds cuter haha(:

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Dear 290, We are now best friends. :D Love, MissBunny25

You guys have to admit though... not being able to do 15% of 100 is PRETTY bad LOL

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you people only read FML's so u can feel good about your selves!

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239- Affect, not effect. Things that affect you have an effect on you. Remember that. My 9th grade sex-ed teacher did when I had him for economics 3 years later.. Didn't like being corrected, I guess.. I love correcting people who ramble about others' stupidity/ignorance/whatever the case.

I didn't say that I was smart, did I? I am all for trolling but come on, you get the gist of what I was saying. :) On the bright side, I don't t@lk lyk3 diis

300 - No shit, really? Not everybody has a perfect life, FML is there to remind people that even when you think your life sucks, average Joe is getting shat on or failing in some way. FML is also funny.

214 it doesn't seem like YOU'RE the most smartest either.

Is it just me or does 134 look a bit like "Ke$ha"?

is it just me or does 327 look. bit ****

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318 u r right but some people comment on everything like seriously dont they have anything else to do

Sorry, I couldn't hear your rant over the fact that you used the wrong "to" in your first sentence. It should be "too".

this post started off with a difficulty of math argument. its ending in a spelling and grammar argument. only on tfln

lol i meant fml. i hate it when mix up the two :(

Considering I could do this in the fourth grade, I'd say this guy is an idiot, idiots don't deserve equal treatment, they deserve to be in the labor force and sterilized as soon as possible. All they are doing is assisting the horrible evolitionary downward spiral the human race is currently experiencing.

That isn't that bad. Atleast he wasn't making you pay :)

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Plus the dinner was 100$ must have been nice :)

Indeed man, charging up that much at mickyDs is hard workk!

You don't know, he could be famous. I mean jeez, Justin Bieber doesn't know what Germany is...

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Well actually its pounds,not dollars, but yeah that is a lot for dinner.

Sarahstarz - so the fact that he spent a lot makes him a gentleman? Wow, do you sound superficial. A gentleman holds doors open, listens when people talk, and generally respects women. It has nothing to do with money.

Yeah exactly OP. I mean he's paying for the meal, I think that stands out a little more than him not figuring out the amount of the tip. He could of made you pay instead.

Doc, if a man doesn't pay a bill women don't consider him a gentleman, so...

agreed!!!:) atleast he's only stupid, not greedy!!!!:)

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I don't even know what 160$ is in my head. And what If he has some type of learning disability or something.. I'm sure you made him feel so good about hisself.. Not everyone are super math geniuses, everyone has flaws.. especially under pressure..

correction: he probably was just nervous! maybe you looked so pretty, he just couldn't concentrate op!!:)

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Doc, does that mean I should should return the money crown to the bank?

agreed!!! that's exactly what was thinking!!!

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No. I'm with the OP. I'd rather have a $20 meal with a guy who can do 4th grade math than a $160 meal with one who can't. Heck, I'd rather eat off the dollar menu at McDonalds, but you don't tip there so it's irrelevant. Anyone who can't calculate 15% of 100 (given percent=per hundred) is a complete idiot. As a side note...what the hell sort of dinner costs that much, and why would you go there on a first date? That seems more like a "we've been together for years and it's our anniversary so it's a super-special occasion" sort of dinner. I can't even imagine $160 worth of food. I don't think I've ever had a meal (for two) cost more than $35. (Yup, I'm classy like that.) I suppose maybe it included copious amounts of expensive alcohol, or it was a la carte (or both).

271 I'm a bunny.. duh. macaroni is the answer to everything

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My brain is bleeding from trying to comprehend that, someone please hold me.

15% of 100 is 15.... it doesn't take a math genious to figure that out. that being said, we all have our moments where we blank out on simple things.

To be fair eating out in the UK is more expensive than in the US

I agree with 71, plus math isn't everyones best subject

You can't exactly talk-you just spelt genius wrong.

Not to mention that he must be pretty generous to even leave a tip in the first place, since it isn't something that's usually done in the UK (the reason why the food is more expensive).

Paying for dinner on the frat date sounds like a gentleman to me. So it does have some things to do with money.

persianjr1 7

girls are so ungrateful. I always pay for everything and they complain over simple things like that.

persianjr1 7

it's not like I'm saying all girls are like that, it's just that I've noticed that a lot of them are that way now a days.

and the girls who appreciate good guys like that get shitted on

I agree!! I feel sorry for the guy. He dropped a lot of money to romance her and all she can do is complain? Ungrateful female! I for one appreciate the good guys! I got very lucky when I met my husband. There is women out there who know how to appreciate the good guys, so don't give up!! We are out there. :)

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@308: There are* women out there who appreciate good grammar.

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She would be a bitch not to...

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maybe he was nervous, no need to be judgemental

cradle6 13

For a meal as expensive ad £100 for two people, I'm sure they had a few drinks. He was nervous and a little affected by the alcohol. It's not that bad.

BugsBunny1 4

Perhaps... It was just expensive? I've been to a few nice restaurants that cost a fortune, like charging $175 for a plate of spaghetti without sauce or anything. (That was in NY)

Druu 53

Unless this spaghetti was hand rolled by unicorns in an Atlantis sweatshop...

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he was probably just really nervous and had a brain fart, happens to all of us.

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First of all, your dumb for dating him...

YOU'RE the one using improper grammar. Just saying.

hehehe, I see what you did there. ;D very clever.

Rule number one when criticizing a person on the Internet: Use proper English

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There's a difference between "you're" and "your". YOU'RE = You're a dumbass. YOUR = Your ass is dumb. I read that on another FML but it's so true and I hate when people are either too lazy to spell out a whole word, or are too dumb to know the difference. I'm 14 for crying out loud!

You are a dumbass* Show what is abbreviated and they might see which is right.

141, your point is relevant but honestly unimportant in the overall scheme of things. I'd hope that most people would be able to comprehend an apostrophe in the middle of a word generally means it's a contraction. People make me sad. ;_;

Alright people get over incorrect grammar and crap like that IT IS NOT a crime to use bad grammar because your lazy or don't know the right grammar you understand the person just the same as someone who does use proper grammar so it is okay to be lazy now can everyone get over it.

BugsBunny1 4

Actually, proper grammar is VERY important. Imagine applying for a job. You send in your resume, and your first sentence. "I has worked 3 jobs as a owner of a resteraunt. I is very. intellegent." That resume is going in the GARBAGE.

sweetiffany 0

Resume? What does that have to do with posting here?

you're dumb for not knowing grammar or syntax

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marinewife01 16
rh0111 0

seriously stfu. no one gives a crap

Second of all, you're dumb for not knowing basic grammar.

antsinmypants199 0

Thank you 333. I care quite a bit and if somebody doesn't then they don't have to be apart of this discussion.

grammar only needs to be legible, if you can't handle it it's your own OCD nightmare. enjoy life :3 ( I have OCD but I don't care for grammar, especially when my sight makes it hard to see words on paper or screen)

Disagree it is very important to use proper grammar. Stop being lazy it's not like it's hard to know the difference between you're and your as well as their and there that one irritates me so much.

Druu 53

That is the sentence that never ends. It runs on and on, my friends..