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By Anonymous - 06/08/2009 22:46 - United States

Today, while my boyfriend and I were having sex, I had my first orgasm. He thought something was wrong, so he stopped. FML
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slaveowner190461 0

at least hes not a dick head if he thought u were in pain he stopped some guys would keep going even tho they knew

Lol! He is obviously new too. Are both of you quite young? Because not knowing about orgasms is a bit . . .


Lds5634 5

that sucks!

YDI for being jewish.

@#9 fuck off you poon

YDI for having an orgasm

YDI for being a woman.

XxmidnightXx4545 0

then your gay #40 your a boy whos gay fuck you you 40 also how is that a fml?

hotpockets92 0

because it was her first one, which i assume she was enjoying, and for only for a brief moment it's like right when you get your dessert at a resturant and after your first bite someone smacks it off the table

Xdanicat 0

seriously, admins. ban the trolls already! I don't even go on FML that excessively and I can name quite a few already. and most of them have already spammed this page. Do they exchange emails and plan their trolling or something?

#54 - Lol, you said that as if it happens on a regular basis...

This is not an fml, so you didn't get to have your orgasm, too bad, this is more of F-your boyfriends life for not recognizing the female orgasm OR your one of the women that make strange sounds or say odd stuff during your orgasm, causing your boyfriend to stop and go, "WTF?"

generalsmith2 0

i can see someone following him around smacking the food off his table after he takes a bite


Shiba Inus may have curled up tails, like a pig, but when they are relaxed or tired their tail gets un-curled more. I GET ASS!!!!! (_____Y_____)

@107: Seriously!? This made me laugh my ass off. Nice.





Gia0896 0


exactly....I hate when that happens

Lds5634 5

that sucks!

YDI for being a whore and fucking

If your parents hadn't fucked you wouldn't exist :)

fail troll is fail :)

_cheeseballs 0

agree'd. he mostly fails cause he calls himself a troll.

Agreed about the fail troll. Also, who has so little to do they make a FUCK YOU sign out of letters like that? Shit.

I wonder that too. But I guess trolls in general are bored with their lives. Why else troll?

too bad i would have carryed on xD but thats just me

Lol! He is obviously new too. Are both of you quite young? Because not knowing about orgasms is a bit . . .

uh oh. well... that's a memorable first time....

yoboo310 0

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kateland10 0

can't even fucking spell boyFRIEND when telling someone to be smarter. nice.

IcySnake 0

*more smart*

YoBoo, the abbrev. "bf" is much less prone to misspellings.... ;-)

You know this has nothing to do with intelligence right? I assume that when she was having her orgasm she was contracting, and tbh, that's a really weird feeling the first time you feel it. It's not really that surprising that he thought something was wrong.

yoboo310 0

ahahha i doubt uve ever even had sex so u should just chill

I don't think this is an FML at all, in all honesty this probably means that he isn't just some dickwad who is only worried about pleasing himself. It means he hadn't had sex, or at least caused an orgasm for a girl before, so he might actually like you (or be desperate, but I try to think positively). And he stopped, meaning he was concerned for your well-being. If he can do it once, he can do it again.

suaveneanderthal 0

lol thats the best fucking comment i've ever seen, so so true 122

Well said, #122. One way to avoid this is to orgasm without sex together initially, that way you are able to recognize each other's signs. Because seriously, girls can be fucking scary when they cum. Next time will be better. Unless it was intentional. In which case, break out the latex and wooden paddles.

it took me a while to realize seizure meant good... especially if she uses all of her "slow down/back off signals"

7th!! You suuuuuuuck

slaveowner190461 0

at least hes not a dick head if he thought u were in pain he stopped some guys would keep going even tho they knew

oogyboogy 6

ya he probably heard that the first time hurts and yer orgy face probably looks painfull

bexox 0

Orgy face?


LMFAO!! Orgy face?!

jBird_fml 0

Orgy Face?!?!!!!!11

Whirling_Kumquat 0

And what does your orgy face look like?

LOL @ orgy face.

GET YOUR ORGY FACE OUT Seriously, LMAO But unlucky on the orgasm thing.