By Kwalker3 - 06/05/2012 06:39 - United States - Tracy

Today, my boyfriend and I were making love. I was really close to climaxing, when he suddenly stopped, smirked, and said, "Hang on, I'm buffering." FML
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He must have learned from online ****.

Hon3y_schnucums 1

The next time your ontop and he's close go "If you'd like to see more buy a subscription for only 59.99 for two months" ahah


godisnowhere41 5

Just switch to one of your other boyfriends while this one is loading.

You can tell someone's been watching too much online **** when...

thiscrazything 1

That darn buffering, always ruining a good thing, by happening at the worst possible time.

Dr0reos 8

That what you get for having Dial up OP

22cute 17

The BF is high maintenance for sure!

nofearjenshere 12

This comment thread made my day. (:

YDI you need to get better boyfriendnet

what's a boyfriend net?? never heard that before! and shut up i thought this was pretty funny

_ebbonyy 11

2- you need to get better typingskillsnet

'boyfriendnet' is clearly a a bad pun of 'internet.' it's nothing to do with their typing, unless i'm missing something...

_ebbonyy 11

I'm missing a brain apparently because his pun went right over my head! I apologise :-)

Don't worry 35, it was just a totally shit pun

He must have learned from online ****.

CaliGali 9
TarieBoo 2

58-thats why people thumbed the comment up...

This FML made me laugh. But sorry to hear. On the bright side, .... Wait, there is no bright side. Sorry!

uJelly24 1

'online ****'... Is there any other kind of ****?Unless... No I took that thought too far.

Back in the days before the Internet, there were ancient means of viewing sexually explicit content, coined "pornography magazines", or "porno mags" for short.

Your mom threw away your best porno mag. Busted!

What do you think people did before the Internet? Squeeze their asscheeks together to make them look like boobs? C&H reference aside, they have **** magazines.

You need to get him out of the house. He's watching way to much Netflix or Hulu. Or tell him the connection has slowed and he needs to go fix it and go faster.

phantumgrey 6

Whoa whoa whoa she doesn't want him "going to fast"

No it's ok he was just buffering it happens to the best of ..(loading, please wait)... us. Phew. And no one uses Hulu. ^^

FlotatiousTurd 1

I use Hulu they get stuff faster then Netflix

KiddNYC1O 20

Am I the only one who noticed these two used to instead of too?

you sir/ma'am... are awesome for your comment! lol

Men have this problem when watching **** all the time. You just have to stay focused and in extreme circumstances you may need to refresh.

RealReasons 0

I see what you did there...

You have an awesome boyfriend... kind of.

shannonjnae2706 0

HA!! I literally laughed myself to tears after reading this one. FML, indeed.

shannonjnae2706 0

That should say FYL. I was distracted. :)

hahayourmom101 5

No, your right. FYL for laughing yourself to tears over this. That, is just sad. I laughed, yes, but to tears? A little much, eh?

15- it was because you had tears in your eyes, you couldn't see the keyboard

shannonjnae2706 0

71- if you knew half the shit that randomly comes up in conversations between my boyfriend & myself (strangely relating to this very FML topic), you'd laugh at this FML post until you cried, too. :)

hahayourmom101 5
shannonjnae2706 0

thanks for understanding. I LOVE the spongebob pic. :P

Funny. What are you going to do the next time he's close?

perdix 29

You need to upgrade from your dial-up boyfriend to a man with more bandwidth, (and maybe even more band length ;))

And don't forget to upgrade the hardware while you're at it ;)

KriiFahMoro 9

And watch out for viruses

Hon3y_schnucums 1

The next time your ontop and he's close go "If you'd like to see more buy a subscription for only 59.99 for two months" ahah