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  7zyzz7  |  3

Ahahaha, this reminds of that episode on the simpsons where that footballs leg breaks off when he kicks the ball and then one of the crowd gets it and uses it like a guitar

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

I feel like people are afraid to say the OP deserved it because he's a cripple, but I have a feeling if it was a regular guy who lost his wallet after a night partying or something of the sort, the YDI to FYL ratio would be far higher against the OP. I could be wrong.

  missalkali  |  8

losing a leg and losing a wallet aren't on par… it's a limb not just money. it's not the cripple factor per se. it's the fact that it's his GODDAMN LEG!

  8313girl  |  28

It doesn't matter OP's age or how drunk he was, no one should be stealing his prosthetic leg. I find this mad offensive! My dad has a prosthetic arm and if anyone ever did that to him, their ass would be kicked so hard that they wouldn't be able to walk.

  free2speak  |  14

I think it would still make for a hilarious FML. "Today, I woke up and found out that I got so drunk last night that somehow I misplaced my leg. My prosthetic leg, that is. FML." Haha.


Wow dude that's crazy, sorry for the loss of your mother, I can't believe that the medical system soaks regular people for things to help the working class return to normal after an incident, all the worlds governments need a major overhaul I think :S

  Krajjan  |  9

Probably don't have coverage on it. Bet the premium on a high-end prosthetic would cost an arm and a... WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S "ALREAY BEEN DONE"?!

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

It would be even funnier if the guy actually needed your leg.

I can imagine a guy hobbling up to you, doing a balancing act removing your leg, and putting it on and running away.