By Anonymous - 09/09/2014 20:23

Today, I fell asleep with my luggage at a bus terminal. Upon waking up, I found that someone had opened my bags and stolen all my socks. FML
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Socks to be you! (No but that seriously sucks OP :( )


Socks to be you! (No but that seriously sucks OP :( )

Well...they could've stolen your underwear. Anyone can go without socks, but not everyone can pull off the commando look.

"Screw your phone, laptop or any other electronics, I wanna steal your socks!"

Dobby can't steal socks, his master or someone else has to give him the sock that makes him a slave. But still funny.

Greenteamextreme 16

Master has presented dobby with clothes... Dobby is Free!

Did you ever think that maybe it was a homeless person? And that maybe it's a little cold where OP is?

cryssycakesx3 22

they could've taken one of every sock...

equitationbound 22

I agree with 47. I knew someone who did a lot of volunteer work with homeless people, and they said that the homeless always ask for socks. Everyone knows how annoying a wet sock is, or when you have a hole your toe or toes are sticking out of.

I have a sock obsession, but not to the point where did steal them. However, I usually wear 2 pairs a day, and they are one of my more essential clothes items.

martin8337 35

Even if they're homeless, asshole thing to do, stealing someone's belongings.

lil_miss_simran 15

that sucks but atleast they didn't take anything else

Sorry about that OP maybe now you can get fresh new ones?

everyone needs new socks like all the time

Good thing they didn't steal anything valuable (I hope they didn't). You can always buy more socks. Still FYL.