By Unhappymothersday - 17/05/2012 20:41 - United States - Raleigh

Today, I woke up to the sound of my car being stolen. FML
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that's a silly way of getting up- I would suggest an alarm clock

That's not your car getting stolen. It's a Transformer rolling out to beacon the others. You are now dragged into an inter-galactic war, my friend.


clarissasyima 7

I'm so sorry OP, but don't worry whoever stole your car will get their karma.

EG14_fml 8

*rereading name* unhappymothersday? Sounds like a mothers day youll never forget

clarissasyima 7

I guess the people thumbing me down got their karma..

EG14_fml 8

Why the fudge did my comment get added onto your comment as a reply? I was commentin the fml

What if I don't believe in karma? What do I get, I hope it's a new car.

KiddNYC1O 20

Karma will get them, you mean?

I thumbed that comment down as an existential experiment. *awaits karma*

clarissasyima 7

I say karma will get them, everyone has their own way of saying things.

A. That's not what karma means nor how it works (if you believe in it at all). B. What is with everyone's concern over getting thumbed down lately? Everything you say isn't going to be met with approval by everyone who reads it. No need to attribute it to some sort of cosmic retribution. It's not that serious.

63, in case you don't think - which by the looks of it, you don't - EVERY religion has it's own interpretation of Karma. CRAYZAY, AH NO. Not only that, but if that's how someone believes Karma works, then that's how it works for them. What they believe won't affect anyones life but their own.

UrbanOutfitter 2

That's awful. Hope everything worked out in the ed

I know karma she lives on my block, had three babies with three different guys thn got busted for throwing a brick through a hospital window. tht bicth is crazy.

74, Ironic that her name is Karma ;) Learn from her. Unless you're mocking my capitalization, then you should ask why I did it. In my religion, it has a great meaning behind it (which I won't explain it unless someone asks). Because I give the act respect (it comes from God) I capitalize it. It's my own choice, though.

italiancows 8

Wakes up, looks out window, sees car being stolen, Godbless America.

itsame0987 18

Okay 75, I will ask. What is the meaning of karma in your religion?

BandWagonGuy 8

I guess the carjacker was... -gets ridiculous haircut- Gone in sixty seconds.

In my religion it works in two different ways. One of being that if something bad happens to you, don't seek out revenge since God will take your toll at His own time. Which also teaches patience and to not hate and let things happen. Another way is what everyone thinks, you do bad now, something bad will happen now. As opposed to Hinduism, where it happens in the afterlife. /End rant

Why does everyone say OP? It sounds so stupid and it's a given that you're talking to the person who posted the FML unless you specify otherwise

By afterlife I meant reincarnation. I wasn't posting attention. I'm surprised I haven't gotten attacked yet.

Today i woke up to the sound of someone waking up to the sound of their car being stolen. FML

StopDropNRoll 11

Two wrongs don't make a right. And if karma does get him say his car was stolen for example. It dont do jack for you, your still out a car.

So, #69, if I believe karma will somehow get you back for being rude it will just happen? It must've already kicked in by making you unable to think! Magic. Admittedly, I over-simplified and I'm certainly not out to change anyone's world view. But my personal belief system compels me to state my opinion whenever I see someone suggesting that the universe will seek vengeance on those who commit the grave sin of down-voting his/her comment.

clarissasyima 7

that's a silly way of getting up- I would suggest an alarm clock

I'd wake up a helluva lot quicker to a car alarm than my phone alarm. You can't 'snooze' someone driving away in your car!

It'll automatically snooze for you once it far away not to be heard...

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Set Bieber as your alarm and put it across the room. Guaranteed to wake you up, bolting to turn it off.

48- It's one use only though, you'd probably kill it after the first night.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Sounds like a great marketing strategy to me!

Inheritance 10

You snooze you lose :) Lame pun yes.

This is ironic since I just had a dream of the same thing.

I hate to get into an argument of semantics, but you have no clue at all what irony is, do you?

Soloman, I think it's you that isn't quite sure of the definition of "irony".

luckyd880 12

No 48. No. You will get the song stuck in your head before you have the time to get there. And then you will be tortured all day long!! "Baby, baby, baby, Ohhh" Bet you Sang that while you read it it begins....

It might be "strange" or "a coincidence", but it's not ironic...

Unbelievable what people think should be theirs. Sorry OP.

olpally 32

Grand theft auto: fml version... It could have been worse op. You could have been getting car-jacked and stabbed with a knife like the real gta...

I thought it said "cat" at first, which would have been sadder. :(

It wasn't a car, and it wasn't being stolen. It was Bumblebee, and he was going to save the world from the Decepticons

mxnuelh 2

Not sure that matters. Even if my car was old I wouldn't want to have it stolen..?

kirrra 11

why would that even matter, its still op's car.

dcg1375 7

Does that really even matter?

Say it a couple more times for the folks at home, not sure they get it yet!

kirrra 11

no need to be smart about it 38, we clearly all posted at around the same time and hadn't seen the others comments. not sure why you even bothered.

ConesOfDeath 0

Here is why it matters: New has full coverage and OP gets another car through insurance. If its an old car then its probably just liability, meaning OP is ******.

CaramelMacchiato 13

42 - You all basically commented the same thing three times in a row, that's why it's bothersome. But it's all good since you cleared it up, stating that you didn't know! :)

lucy_lue 9

Some newer cars have GPS tracking. My grandma's car was stolen and the police located it through that.

42, No need to get all upset about it, it was a joke. Lighten up!

Duh some old cars have it as well... Like my civic 2005 has it 'as i updated its tech part' now i can see every second on my iPhone that where is my car and moving or not or what :p awesome :)

luckyd880 12

Does anyone else feel awkward talking to 59's chest?

I would like that very much, thank you.

I would love to delete this comment but I can't, all I can do is edit it so............ Ya..........*sleeps*

Wow that's ******* distgusting... Hope you get your car back.

BandWagonGuy 8

Whoa, he might be Egon... You know, that guy in the movie, Hitch, starring Will Smith.

Yeah I meant disgusting. Ahaha my bad :3

Why is it disgusting? It's certainly despicable.

Well when I said disgusting, I meant despicable, or a mean thing to do.

unknown_user5566 26

I believe he's referring to the fact that someone stealing another person's belongings or property is condemnable, pathetic, not right, etc.

That's not your car getting stolen. It's a Transformer rolling out to beacon the others. You are now dragged into an inter-galactic war, my friend.

reddudeover 2

I don't think the transformers are from another galaxy. I think it's just interstellar. IDK either way, I'm a decepticon! >:D

You got your ass kicked countless times by Optimus and his crew, and you're proud to be a decepticon? That's like saying you're proud to be a part of Loki's army, after they all got their asses kicked by the Avengers. Doesn't look to good on a resume my friend. :(

reddudeover 2

You do know they aren't real right? I just think they look more badass and have cooler names. (MEGATRON, STARSCREAM, etc) I'm not evil geeze. *shifty eyes

Too* good on a resume, oops. Now that that's cleared up, the deceptions are all around you. Don't you see those big transformers connected to electric wires? Those are decepticons all right. Just look at them, plotting. All the Autobots are sports cars. And Optimus Prime? How is that not a cool name? Optimus. Prime. OPTIMUS PRIME. Game, set and match.

reddudeover 2

Yeah they're all sports cars, things middle-aged men buy to feel young again. Booooring. There are some cool autobot names, but on average the decepticon ones are better even the word decepticon is cooler than "auto"-bots they sound like Japanese sex toys. Lol.

We have a thread battle.....I'll get the popcorn.

Does he get to hang out with Megan Fox?

Today, I got up to the sound of Optims Prime walking into my street and crushing my car under his foot. FML

Vash_41288 10

I once woke up to my house on fire and fire truck sirens so it could be worse. Hope your insurance covers or at least police find it asap

seriously? if so then I hope you and yours are well and safe now!

Vash_41288 10

Yea it was a couple years ago but now when ever I hear anything at night I HAVE to check, but at least my dog goes with me lol. Thanks for asking though.

peachesncreem 21

I hope you have car insurance that covers theft :/