By Starving Ultimatum - 02/09/2011 01:55 - United States

Today, I was robbed while recovering from a robbery. FML
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Was it the same guy?

penelopecruise 2

Take karate lessons and whoop dat trick!


Was it the same guy?

NoahStaz 3

There is always 1 guaranteed security solution: Rottweiler. **Make sure he likes you though**

There only one thing left to do. DOUBLE JEOPARDY. rob a house or something

krazy_glu3 0

Well... What else could they have possibly taken after already being robbed?

Finn_the_human 5

Your easy =o

Lol But that sucks, OP. That really does!

I guess if it was, you might want a clover or something.

EnEl_Infierno 15

Dam Op who did you piss off? and ydi for not having friends like mine, Smith&Wesson.

17...i dont think you know the meaning of double jeopardy

NotAPedo 0

Or he should get rid of that "OPEN HOUSE" sign that points directly at his home

#35 So, the op deserves to be robbed TWICE because he doesnt have a gun? I fail to see your logic, Grow up, not everyone deserves to be robbed just because they don't have a gun, dick

EnEl_Infierno 15

#57 No Op may not have deserved it, we don't know if he did pissed off the wrong people or if he was just an unlucky victim robbery, but if the Op did own a gun or other type of self protection device/weapon he would of be able to scare or fend off the robber. The gun doesn't even have to be loaded, it can even be just a starters pistol, just the sight it self can be a strong deterrent against any potential robber/attacker.

This reminds me of that guy who got robbed after he got beaten up, on the Tottenham riots

57- Overkill? It's a joke.

haha wow SECOND ya I did it bitches . smd

penelopecruise 2

Take karate lessons and whoop dat trick!

sorry man. I didn't know you were recovering from another robbery

I suggest you move.

Aztec27 0

Or watch a bunch of chuck Norris movies so you can attempt to roundhouse kick like the master

I'm in karate not funny

Probably a couple of guys working together or some shit, that sucks OP. FYL

No, it was a...ROBCEPTION

Buzzy123 7

Nice name A7x

What does OP stand for?

ShroomsOnAcid 16


Check your back to see if the "Rob me please" sign is still there... Smdh

DogmaT_fml 4

you dont recover from getting robbed, you get a gun.

xmayne 0

And this sounds like burglary not robbery

Mercedes16 7

Dang. I'm sorry OP. I'd kick some ass . Lol.

Epsilonyx 15

Recovering? Like, getting up? Or putting on a band aid and daintily wiping the dust off your shoe?

OP was obviously robbed by a heard of flying alpacas. Those will fuck you up. He was clearly recovering from the first robbery when they came back around.

Epsilonyx 15

Fucking alpacas.

50 - You do that? That's nasty..

Was it Chuck Norris? Apparently he's out to kill someone's daughter, maybe he's also out to rob you blind.