By mm - 12/11/2012 17:27 - United Kingdom - Warrington

Today, I went to see a movie with three of my friends, and I was sharing popcorn with one of them. Halfway through the movie, my friend asked me why I wasn't eating our popcorn. I then realised I'd been taking popcorn from the man sitting next to me. FML
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Did you catch the guy's facial expression when you finally realized this?


Did you catch the guy's facial expression when you finally realized this?

damn_homie 2

I wish I could've seen the expression on his face. That would've been hilarious.

Poor man getting his popcorn stolen, movie theaters rob you for like $8 per bag of popcorn!

decidedlyvague 11
JoshTheMaggot 8

If he let her eat it for half the movie he must not have cared. It would've been funny to see though

Um, I'm pretty sure it's more of an FML for the guy sitting next to OP...

Yay you spelled realized correctly... Z not an s

Maybe she was attractive and made him nervous.

It shouldn't be hard to believe that we have nice people in the world.

There was a hole in the tub ... Thankfully you didn't make it that far

He probably thought she was hitting on him and it was going to be his lucky day.

Tay_racer10 3

You would just let someone take your $10 popcorn!?

I would have just moved my popcorn away if I didn't want to talk to OP

Aspen_Grace33 27

I'm surprised he didn't pick the popcorn up and put it on the other side!

iOceanus 18

Maybe he was lonely and wanted a girl to share his popcorn with!

What I don't understand is how OP herself didn't realize till halfway through the movie... I mean, wouldn't you be aware as to which side your friend is sitting??

KVKdragon 26

Well, if the other guy hasn't said anything yet, you can switch back to your popcorn without starting an awkward scene. Don't fret ;)

If the guy hasn't said anything yet, he's likely to not say anything at all. Finish his popcorn before smoothly switching to yours!

OP: Woo, popcorn AND a movie! Innocent movie goer: Uh, that's mi... OP: *grabs another handful*

Some people just shouldnt comment, youre one of them

chickenflem 8

Actually I found his comment pretty funny. Yours on the other hand was not called for.

KVKdragon 26

Who are you to say that? He's not a troll or a flame war starter. His comment was funny to me. Leave him alone >:(

Innocent movie goer: uhmm OP: shhh I'm trying to watch the movie *grabs another handful yet again*

Innocent movie goer: excuse me bu...... Op: seriously be quiet it's a good movie *grabs yet another handful and takes a drink of his soda*

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Hey he didn't complain so I'd say it was free game. I bet it was pretty awkward when you realized that though. Haha. Maybe he thought you were cute? I'd let a cute girl eat my popcorn too.

I would have given you the evil eye if that was my popcorn you were eating

The guy is like, "She's taking my popcorn, she wants the D."

HentaiBunny 4

Lol that's what I was gonna write! Good thing I checked first.