By Anonymous - 28/02/2014 22:26 - Russian Federation - Korol

Today, I was playing an intense game of Flappy Bird. I was so excited at being about to beat my high score that I got a hard-on. FML
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It sounds like you weren't "flappy" anymore!

chelsearenaeee 16

Sounds like a pipe did get in your way ;)


iLike2Teabag 27

"Fappy" Bird probably gets lots of people hard.

Good for you pal, but no one cares...

JMichael 25

Good for you 37. You've proven you have no life.

OP probably reached the lesbian sex scene....

There really is a game called Fappy Bird!! Look for it in Play Store. Its about a bird trying to fap and not get caught. Haha!!

SarahSehhati 40

#78 The man that created flappy bird deleted it because he wanted to go back to his normal life.

#90, 78 wrote "fappy bird." And no, the creator of Flappy Bird removed the game from app stores because he was getting shit from Nintendo for using the pipes. He was probably also getting shit from Apple for using unethical methods to get the game to the Top Apps.

Yet you have a profile picture of a cartoon

in the Russian Federation, Flappy Bird plays you

chelsearenaeee 16

Sounds like a pipe did get in your way ;)

It sounds like you weren't "flappy" anymore!

suslord 10

Wait that's not supposed to happen..?

tpm45 25

I'm fairly certain that's why this is an FML.

Sarcasm. Some people get it, some people don't.

I don't blame you, I get pretty excited too

Okay. 1. Girls don't get "hard on-s". 2. Even if OP was a girl. There's nothing wrong with a lesbian relationship!

And the symbol at the top indicates OP is a male....

Didn't you pay attention in sex Ed #47? Girls can get hard ons too (albeit much smaller ones)

56- I think you should pay more attention in that sex ed class of yours...

ladypunk 8

She's talking about clitorises.

56. Except nobody calls those hard-ons

ThatNutellaTho 6

no they Call it Breakfast for Men .-.

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Not sure if it didn't make any sense, or if the pun passed 6 feet above my head

was that a hard pun to make? it didn't cum out to good

#52- erected=elected Still a pretty shitty pun, though.

Then you were playing with "flappy sperm." Which is totally gross.

Happens all the time. flappy bird is love. flappy bird is life.

Hey, that little fella has a nice butt... It's from all that flapping

I'm no physiotherapist, but I'll go out on a limb and say flapping wings (or arms) won't target your quads or glutes