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Today, my dad spent a full half hour trying to convince me that Judaism is a race. FML
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Elenachka 0

a lot of people seem to think that

Can't Judaism be a religion and a race? **** me if I'm wrong.


Elenachka 0

a lot of people seem to think that

Lauren10102 3

A lot of people are convinced that lady gaga has a penis. That doesn't make it better..... sorry :/

yummycupkake 0

^ did the song judas make you randomly choose lady gaga as an example? (judiasm ..Juda) lol :)

Lauren10102 3

lol! I wish... btw that song is another reason I am slowly losing faith in humanity, but ya know, it happens.....

#22, if so, it wouldn't be random, now, would it?

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don't call them Jews it's retardedly gay

Oh, did you hear, there's a new religion called white guyism.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Well, I sure hope you won that argument.

yummycupkake 0

28, gosh people these days ;) of course not.

wow when I read this FML I felt sooooo stupid.. ;-; thanks for making me smarter though ;)

haha, something are just hard to explain.

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wasnt Sammy Davis Jr Jewish?

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orgasmicbunnies, with the "hard to explain things" they can all be answered with 1 word, Internet

5232jada 4

that's not a race either...:/

A Jew is both someone who practices jewdaism, and someone from Jewdea(AKAIsreal) so yes, being a Jew, is a race.

Sorry, but Israelis call themselves Jews wether they are Jewish(religion) or not. They call it a race, and that's good enough for me.

jfrommer 2

it's sad just how wrong your comments are. and when I say wrong I mean incorrect.

Most people assume wrong means incorrect. Also, I Googled it, and am admitting defeat. I am wrong, and am sorry. Jew =/= Isreali.

Miss33_fml 15

Hmmmm. slashes don't work here, oh well. Jew does not equal Israeli.

how come I've never heard anyone say "I'm am Israelite". I'm trying to troll or anything, just an honest question

Israelite is the ancient term for one of the Jewish tribes (forgot which one) Now days it's Isreali's

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hey 5 tell me your address so I can come and slap you for being so stupid

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Wow...that's all I can say. just wow.

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He is partially right. If your mom is a Jew then you are a Jew. Doesn't matter if you practice the religeon or not. Correct me if I'm wrong, I was told this in class. Also, excuse my bad spelling of religeon. Or however it's spelt.

wow, that's sad. A lot of people do think that though...

starrysky4 0

well Jews identify themselves as Jews when they are asked their race. and it comes with hereditary traits, such as the big nose, curly hair. not every Jew has that, but they are called Jew noses. judiasm isn't a race, it's a religion, but sometimes it seems that being Jewish could be religious and ethnic.

Can't Judaism be a religion and a race? **** me if I'm wrong.

saIty 17

Colonel Sanders, prepare to be penetrated.

didn't you read his profile, he's colonel sander's brother

saIty 17

My mistake. However did you know? Your grandfather cut off my families' head just because I stole his chicken. Just thought that you should know.

I know, the chicken is hard to resist!

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your picture is so insulting. get a grip and don't listen to stereotypes.